Take Notes: How To Stop Over Scheduling And Finally Relax

If you are anything like me a day off is so rare that when you do eventually get one you do just about everything but relax. As lovely as it sounds to spend the day lying on the sofa with the remote control by your side it’s a hard task to switch off and actually enjoy not having a heavy workload looming over you. This is why we all need to sit back, relax, make a hot chocolate and take note, it’s time to learn to manage your time more effectively and maybe even learn to say no once in a while!

Just say no

No one likes saying no, it’s natural to not want to let anyone down in both your working and personal life. Whether it’s saying yes to additional work which you simply don’t have the time to do or sitting round your parent in laws for the afternoon because you feel it would be rude not to, despite really not wanting to be there. Saying no doesn’t have to be as brutal as literally just saying no, take the time to think about what is being asked of you and maybe get back to the person instead of feeling pressurised to automatically say yes just to keep them happy.


This is the key to using your time effectively, as busy career girls we are often inundated with deadlines and meetings and schedules, it’s mind boggling if not controlled. Work out which tasks you need doing day by day or even week by week if you can and then set a list in order of importance, after each task has been achieved reward yourself with a little break, it works a treat. Even achieving the smallest of tasks like posting a letter or paying in a cheque can take a little bit of that heavy weight off your shoulders.

Use a diary

You may not have used a diary since you were in high school scribbling the name of your crush all over the inside page but now you are a grown up you will realise that actually a diary can be a lifesaver. A diary is the best way to store all of your relevant and important information on upcoming commitments, it allows you to plan your time outside of work and actually still have a social life, something we all need from time to time!

Make ‘you’ time

Prioritising your workload and your work commitments is important as we all need to earn a living some way, but you also need to allow yourself time to relax, this means having absolutely nothing planned with nowhere to be and no one to see. Sometimes it’s nice to just wake up and not know what the day will hold, even if it is just as exciting as a day in front of the TV!

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