5 Achievable Ways To Stop Spending Money

photo: Zara


It’s so easy to spend money willy-nilly because let’s be honest, it’s pretty convenient. With a number of ways to pay from contactless to using PayPal, we can sometimes pay for something only to forget that we paid for whatever that thing was. And, it isn’t so pretty when we can’t face looking at our bank balances. So, what are some easy tricks we can do to help us stop spending money?

1. Make some extra money 

Smart saving is the best way to be more successful, and if you have multiple income streams that will seriously help you stow some money away. While you’re earning from your day job why not use affiliate marketing to make some money online? You can even put that money straight into a savings account!

In The Ultimate Blog Plan book, we’ve covered every strategy we used to make an income online in one chapter, from ads to affiliate and working with brands. So, if you’re looking for a way to get your life together, start with this workbook and figure out how you can make some extra money doing what you love! Buy it here.

2. Set yourself a budget

Some people prefer a weekly budget and others a monthly one. Take a look at your schedule and see how you want to make your budget a habit. Give yourself an allowance, either by cash, by debit, or split it fifty-fifty both ways! As you spend here-and-there, you will see your money decrease. Having cash forces you to notice the pace of how your money decreases and having a fixed debit-amount also forces you to keep track of where you are spending your money. Either way, giving yourself a budget and sticking to it is an effective way to stop spending money.

3. Pack snacks and lunches

Eating out is probably the one thing many of us don’t hesitate to spend our money on because it’s quick and easy. But if we are not careful, we can end up spending way over what we anticipate. That’s why having a packed lunch is a great way to stop the unnecessary food spending. There are a ton of awesome recipes from breakfast to dinners. Plus, knowing that you created and packed it is an extra assurance of knowing what you are eating!

4. Be realistic

Sometimes our eyes are able to look at something that catches our breath away so much that we ignore the price of the object. Sure, it looks pretty. But take a second to think about making that purchase. If you really want it, get it. But make sure you’ve budgeted for it. There is no harm in wanting something for yourself. Definitely, take the time to treat yourself once and awhile! Being realistic and taking a moment to think about a purchase is able to keep you from spending those precious coins.

5. Stay on top of everything

This can be easier said than done. ‘Never a borrower or a lender be’ that’s what my granny always used to tell me! Being on top of your finances falls under knowing what it means to be a Career Girl. So while building credit is a good thing to do in the long run, you need to be smart and very careful about it. In other words, use the credit card for emergencies not because you really want something and you know you’re getting paid next week. Make conscious decisions on what is needed at the moment, apart from what can wait until you can afford it.


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  • Jessica Wen

    These are such great tips for staying on top of finances! I’m a huge culprit of finding something I think I really want at the time but eats into my budget…
    I’m also a huge fan of The Financial Diet, where they share really useful ideas like this for getting finances back on track.

  • Jóhanna Katrín Jalowiec

    Great tips how to stay “on the surface” and avoid spending hard-earned money on unnecessary things. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ramona

    The book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ is really good for understanding how the rich and poor spend and save. The book actually recommends paying yourself first then putting the rest in your savings!


  • dreamofadventures

    I have been packing my lunch since I started working. Not only do I feel healthy but I know my bank account is happy that I’m not eating out constantly =o)


  • Sangavi a

    Good one, Which i am very bad at this

  • Natalie Redman

    Staying on top of everything and budgeting is very important!


  • Trisa Taro

    The other thing that really works for me is tracking my spending! I even keep a money diary (which I post publicly on my travel blog to help create open and honest conversations about travel costs). When I first started doing it it really opened my eyes to where my expendable income was going and how easy it would be to cut down on those costs!