How To Stop Thinking About Work In The Evenings


Even though you were watching the clock before home time, imagining all the things you would do once you were home, somehow, once you’re far away from the office all you can do is think about work. Whether you start answering work emails in the evening, can’t stop thinking about tomorrow’s plan or lose sleep over what happened during the day, here’s how to switch off in the evenings.

#1 Leave work at work

If you have to work harder to get things done, then do it. You need to be able to leave work at work, no matter what. So if you find that you have lots of tasks undone, you need to work extra hard at scheduling yourself. Why is it that you allow your home time and work time to overlap? Is it due to insecurity that you’ll lose your job if you don’t put in 110%, or are you just so passionate about your job that you find it fun to check some tasks off your list from your home? In either case, getting absorbed in work isn’t good for you. It doesn’t make you a more valuable member of the team, it makes you more prone to a burnout!

#2 Stop bad habits

If you lose sleep over it, you need to switch off in the evenings and ensure you relax, get a great sleep spray like Deep Sleep Pillow Talk Spray by This Works and use them before bedtime. If you’re addicted to planning, you need to close your laptop and hide it away, it’s the only way that you’ll focus on other things, like time with family and getting some rest.

#3 Find a hobby

A hobby is invaluable for a career girl, because it’s so easy to allow your job to take over your life, especially if you’re passionate about it. Instead of spending every waking minute thinking about work, find something else that you love. Start a blog, go for walks or join a gym. Fitness is a great hobby for anyone who finds themselves prone to over thinking things.

#4 Remember there’s more to life than your career

Your life isn’t run by your career, contrary to what people might say. You need breathing space and time to relax. You deserve it, so no matter what pressure is on you, leave it at your workplace when you walk through the door!

#5 Say “NO!” and mean it

If your problem is that you get roped into doing too many tasks, you need to say no, in a professional and polite way, and allow yourself to get the time you need. Sometimes you need to say no to yourself, too. If you keep thinking of ways to get back to work, then you need to be firm with yourself.

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  • Camille Beygui

    Great post ! Really helpful


    • Beth

      Thanks Camille x

  • Lauren

    I definitely need some advice here, I’m terrible at not switching off. I’m going to try that pillow spray x

    • Beth

      I think all career girls find it difficult to balance work with home time, don’t worry :) definitely give it a try though – it’s great for restless evenings x

  • Dress Up, Chow Down

    I admit, leaving work at work can be hard for me and sometimes it’s because I’m not time-managing my best. I’ve done work while on vacation with my boyfriend and he was just worried about me! Always improving though :)

    • Beth

      Me too! I’m aaaaaalways typing away on something, but over the holidays I’m going to try my best to be better. x

  • Another Ranting Reader

    Leaving work at “work” can be difficult when you’re in school and spend a lot of time studying at home. However, I would recommend to anyone who is in school, to stay behind to get things done, or even do your homework at a local coffee shop, and find out if there are any after school revision classes after school that you can attend. This way most of your workload is done in an environment more suited to your specific task and means you get more revision done without the distractions in your room. Your home can be mainly for relaxing and you won’t get as stressed.

    Great post!
    Jemima x

    • Beth

      I agree, sometimes I try and cram as much as I can into a day in order to leave ‘work at work’ but, working outside of the home/bedroom when you need to is a great way to separate work from home time. :) x

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