How To Survive Black Friday

Tomorrow is Black Friday, which means craziness, sales hunting and a lot of shopaholics coming out to play. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be snug in your nest (or safe in the office) clicking away at the best deals online (which by the way, we will be providing you tonight so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter), if you’re one of the braver bunch who’ll be heading out into the cold to get your pick of the deals, well you need some guidance on how to survive. Here’s the ultimate survival guide for Black Friday, whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or out on the street, we’ve got you!

#1 Prepare

You want to snap up great gifts for others (and yourself) at great prices, so what you need to do is a little bit of research. Check back here to see all the best deals and discount codes, and if you’re going in store, have a list of things you absolutely want/need (tech, statement pieces, jewellery and beauty products are always good to buy on Black Friday) and try to plan your day around shopping, as sad as it sounds.

#2 Be early

If you’re heading out shopping, do so as early as possible. You want to be one of the first few in the door, but there will probably be some people who take it so seriously that they camp outside major stores. They are eager expert shoppers, but don’t be disheartened, there’s enough stuff to go around. Likewise if you’re shopping online check in as early as possible to see if there’s anything on sale that you’ve been looking for, and avoid missing out if the site goes down/they put you in a queue.

#3 Don’t get crazy

Yes there are some crazy people in the world, and sometimes, when you see something incredible (like a massive flat screen television for a cheap price) you want to start fighting for it, but our advice is to be wise and let the crazy people fight for it. There are other things that they might not have seen, plus you don’t want to get into a fight over material objects, it’s just not classy!

#4 If you miss out, head online

So you said goodbye to that flat screen TV and watched two old ladies hit each other with their walking sticks for it instead, don’t just go home and cry, check online to see what deals other stores like Amazon and department stores like Selfridges have for the tech you want. Don’t forget that Cyber Monday follows shortly after Black Friday, so you can always try again. We’ll be covering Black Friday all day, and hunting the best Career Girl deals especially for you, so make sure to join us!

#5 Bring a buddy

The best way to tackle Black Friday is with a shopping buddy, whether you browse sales with your Mom or your bestie at home with some chick flicks and wine, or head out with a savvy shopping friend, don’t go it alone. If you’re with a friend, it’ll be more fun!

Ps. Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Don’t forget to check out our special Christmas shop and keep an eye on CGD this week as we are sharing exclusive discount codes and the best Black Friday deals in our newsletter this week.

Featured Photo: Rana Demir

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