11 Tips to Stay More Productive When You’re Tired

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Let’s face it. We’re gonna have days when we’re gonna be exhausted from having a long week or a packed weekend. Whilst sufficient sleep and rest can do wonders for your productivity, there are other ways that you can stay focused when exhausted. Here are ways you can stay on your game despite feeling tired, just try to keep those eyes open through this article!

Fuel your body 

Before your start work, eat a balanced diet of proteins, grains and some leafy greens. While sugary treats can be tempting when you’re fatigued,  it’s best to avoid the sugar rush. However, if you’re really tempted then indulge yourself with a square of dark chocolate.

Break down your work 

If the thought of writing a report or an essay leaves you demotivated, break the task down into chunks. Since you’re exhausted, start with the simpler parts of the task. This will help you feel more focused and motivated to work on the harder ones.

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Limit your caffeine intake

Avoid giving into caffeine cravings, and limit your coffee intake to just one cup a day. Coffee is great for kick starting your focus and attention but the crash that follows will leave you feeling more exhausted. The high dose of caffeine can result in sleeping problems, which is not good since you will need the rest!


When the drowsiness hits, I usually head to the restroom to stretch. Stretching promotes blood circulation in the body and transports oxygen to your brain, which helps you focus better.

Take a short nap

During your lunch break, take a short 20-minute power nap. Napping refreshes your mind more than a cup of coffee! Set your alarm on and wake up as soon as it goes off.

Stand up 

Once you’ve completed a section of your work, stand up and walk around. Take five minutes to get your body moving and return to your seat to continue your work. When you’re sitting for long periods of time, it’s easier to fall into a wave of sleepiness.

Hydrate with cold water

Cold water gives your body a kick start, fuels your cells and your organs that end up fueling your entire body. When you’re dehydrated, you become sluggish and less productive, a bad combination if you’re on a deadline.

Choose the right music

For some, music plays a significant role in keeping our minds alert. Having background noise stimulates your brain without distracting it. You can also try Coffitivity where the sound of a cafe can trick your mind into thinking you’re drinking coffee!

Hide your mobile phone

The struggle to check Instagram is real, especially when you have no time for it! It’s bad enough that we check our phones a hundred times a day, but keeping it at bay helps with reducing distractions.

Get some light

If it’s still bright and early, bask under the sun and reap the benefits of Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps with battling fatigue and perks you up a little.

Be gentle with yourself 

Don’t be too hard on yourself! It’s easy to be irritable and moody when you’re tired but just remember that you have a nice, warm bed waiting for you at home.

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  • Juliette @NamastayTraveling

    Being gentle and kind to yourself sounds so easy, but tends to be the first thing we forget! Great list.

    • Lisa Collins

      it is hard to remember to take things easy especially when everything seems to be going wrong and we land ourselves in some of the most stressful situations. But sometimes we need to remind ourselves to step back and have a break, maybe some lunch and come back to the situation with a fresh mind! You’ll be much more productive after that short break! What do you do Juliette?

  • hanan abdi

    Looking forward to my bed is the best thing ever when I have a packed day shedualed :) xx

    A Girls Journal

    • Lisa Collins

      I am currently dreaming of my bed and silk pillows! We will be reunited! We hope you have a fab day Hanan xx

  • Yasmine Robles

    Such great tips! I definitely agree on the stretching and getting some sunlight. I try to go for a walk and get some natural light if I can. It reenergizes and clears my mind before starting work again.