The Simple Skincare Routine That Will Save Your Skin This Season


Honestly, in the past few months, I’ve seen my skin go from clear and glowing to dry and damaged, and it’s all thanks to the weather. We all know that the colder weather can be tougher on our skin, which means it’s our job to make sure our skincare routine is up-to-date! If you’ve been wondering how to take care of your skin in the fall, then you’re probably suffering from the same things I do.

The colder weather makes your skin dry, dull and irritated. Your summer skincare routine just won’t cut it anymore and it’s time to get serious about saving your skin. Give your skin some love now, as the season changes, and when the cold of winter reaches you-you’ll have no complaints!

1. Invest in a device that’ll give you perfect skin

Luna 2 by FOREO available here

Why should you use it: When it comes to the colder months it’s vital that you know how to cleanse the right way to keep your skin on the right track. Using harsh exfoliants and your usual cleansers won’t work for you in winter because your skin is extra sensitive. And trust me, if you’re a city girl like me, after a day in the hustle and bustle you do not want to go home and do your usual routine. It requires more than that.

How to use it: All you have to do is press the button and this clever device will do all the hard work for you, cleansing your face, using pulses and vibrations to firm your skin up and get rid of any dirt and bacteria.

The results: If there’s one thing my years of doing beauty reviews has taught me, it’s that the Luna 2 by FOREO is one of the best out there.  I first used it years ago and have been hooked ever since there are different devices for different skincare concerns and they all work like magic to give you soft, clear skin.

2. Try an acid as the months get colder 

The Ordinary Lactic Acid available here.

Why you should use it: Adding acid to your skincare routine might seem a little anxiety-inducing, but it’ll help to get that next level skin you’ve been wishing for. Try the Lactic Acid 10% serum from The Ordinary. When you first use it, your skin will tingle a little bit (that’s how you know it’s working), and with continued use you’ll see that you can stop wearing foundation pretty much altogether because your skin becomes so even and flawless.

How to use it: Pat it on your skin once a week and you should be good to go, you can increase the amount you use it once your skin gets used to it.

The results: The main issue with using these acids and serums is that your skin might react to them. Once my skin starts to dry out, I use the Luna 2 by FOREO to gently buff away the dead skin and give my skin a fresh start. When the flakey skin makes an appearance I stop using the lactic acid for a few days and keep using the Luna 2 to bring those beautiful new skin cells to the surface. But overall it leaves my skin looking a lot more even.

3. Get some overnight magic

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream available here.

Why you should use it: Don’t forget that your skin deserves a drink as much as you do. And during the colder months, your skin will get seriously thirsty. Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream is still the best for renewing your skin while you sleep. Described as beauty sleep in a bottle, it’ll give your thirsty, tired skin an instant refresher.

How to use it: Apply it liberally in the evening, but don’t forget to keep up with it.

The results: When you first wake up you’ll notice the difference immediately, your skin will look plumped and rejuvenated. But you need to keep using it to get the best results. The more you use it, the fresher you look. Once I stop using it my skin gets really thirsty again and dries out easier. So it’s important to remember this part of your skincare ritual every evening.

4. Try the glass skin method 

Oskia Renaissance Brightlight Serum available here.

Why you should use it: Have you heard of the ‘glass skin’ method? It’s a skincare routine from Korea that makes your skin glossy and ‘translucent’ without foundation. Super healthy, super glowy skin is the outcome. There are lots of routines that promise it, but the real trick is to massage your skin every day with a serum.

How to use it: I use Oskia’s Brightlight serum and the back of my Luna 2 by FOREO device to really make sure the serum sinks in. See, if you invest in the Luna 2 you’ll literally be able to use it for every step of your routine.

The results: The serum combined with the Luna 2 was a serious game changer. It gave my skin the glow it’d been lacking, but I think that every step on the list helped to give my skin that boost it really needed!

What skincare tips do you rely on to prepare your skin for the colder months?


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  1. Fascinated with the device thingy at the top of your post! I have a simple routine that works including using a serum. I use a red clay mask once a week and a little hemp exfoliating pad every second day with my normal cleanser. I am obsessed with hand cream and using a lip balm at night. My 50 year old skin looks better in some ways than my younger skin did! xo

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