6 Signs That You’re Being Lied To

Being lied to can be our biggest fear, especially when it comes to the ones we love. It’s that initial gut instinct that throws us off, and nine times out of ten, they’re usually correct. But when it comes to our relationships we want to be sure. Not only that but detecting a lie is essential in the business world. You need to be able to pick up when something is not right, and once you know the tell-tale signs it can help you to not only be savvy in business but in your relationships too. So, no you don’t have to be a psychologist to know if you’re being lied to, you just need to know how to read the people around you.

Liars break eye contact

One of the biggest tell-tale signs is when someone breaks eye contact with you. It’s particularly important to watch where their eyes go because it will tell you if they are lying to you. If the accused liar is explaining their story and their eyes drift off to the side then they’re feeling uncomfortable and trying to get their story straight. And, if someone’s eyes keep drifting downwards to the floor it can be a sign that they’re feeling ashamed.

The story is very detailed

A liar is going to go out of their way to not be caught out lying, so their initial story is usually embedded with a lot of detail. Natural memory is a bit hazy as you probably know yourself, so when a story is very detailed it usually means it’s constructed. Liars give extra details and talk a lot in the hope that you’re distracted from the issue and believe them.

They deflect

This, for me, points out straight away that someone is lying. By deflecting your issue they’re trying to change the topic. They usually get very defensive and hostile around the same time, which for me says it all. Someone who is telling the truth would feel no need to get immediately defensive and angry. Liars only get angry when they’ve been caught out and it usually always ends in a deflection.

Their expression doesn’t match their statement

It’s easy to detect a lie by reading the person’s micro facial expressions that are only visible for a split second. As humans, we literally wear our emotions on our faces, so if someone is frowning with a statement like “I love you” then… it’s most likely to be a lie. A liar will display inconsistent expressions and blink a lot more than those telling the truth.

Things just don’t add up

My trick is to continuously ask a liar their story. If it changes a lot you know that it’s not consistent and therefore, not true. A lie is usually really confusing and all over the place, whilst a truthful story will always add up. Liars usually rehearse their story the first time, but if you ask them to say it backward, they’ll struggle because they’ve only rehearsed it the one way.

Head movements counteract speech

Usually, when trying to spot a lie, it’s important to focus your attention on their head movements. In conversation, if they are replying “no” to a question and nodding their head – it means they’re lying. And if they’re saying “yes” but shaking their head, it’s also a lie. This can also be accompanied by a lot of fidgeting, like persistent touching of the hair or a watch.

Photographed on the 7th September 2017 by Career Girl Daily at The Dorsett Hotel Shepherds Bush. Makeup by Jana Pirosko.


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