How To Travel The World In 54 Days


We all have that one friend on Facebook or Instagram who constantly pops up into our feed with another perfectly curated photo of their world travels. The jealousy I feel is real when I see another once-in-a-lifetime experience while I’m sitting behind a desk.

If there’s one thing you need to do in life it’s travel the world. I know I don’t want to spend my life regretting not doing it and creeping on my well-traveled friends instead. And I know there’s no better time to do it than now. Who wouldn’t want to travel to the most breathtaking places in the world?

Ultimate Earth is your exclusive invitation to do something amazing. Travel the world in 54 days with EF Ultimate Break and do things you could only picture in your wildest dreams.


DAY 1 – 8


Board a flight to Brazil. Your journey to a more confident, wiser self starts now. You’ll live amongst the bustling cities and breathtaking beaches for 7 days, climb mountains and hike through rainforests. Brazil used to supply 80% of the world’s coffee, so they know a thing or two about the perfect cup, too.

As well as enjoying the hustle and bustle of Rio, you’ll get some peace and quiet on the white sandy beaches of Ihla Grande.


DAY 9 -14

Explore a new continent. After the vibrancy of Brazil, you’ll spend some time in one of the most elegant and chic countries in the world. Imagine yourself sitting on a Parisian terrace with a warm croissant in one hand, and a view of the Eiffel tower in the distance. There’s nothing better.

With plenty of time to explore what makes Parisian chic, and grab yourself some French fashion, you’ll also be heading to Normandy to escape from the big city and live like a true local.


DAY 15 – 17

Time for pizza and pasta. It’s safe to say you’re going to enjoy the finer things in life while you’re in Italy. You’ll arrive in Rome and get to see the ancient ruins, visit the Colosseum and get right to the heart of an ancient culture. Besides a glass of wine under the sun, you’ll be broadening your mind. Italians have one of the best qualities of life, so you’ll definitely be sampling it for the three days you’re here.


DAY 18 – 25

Live the good life. If the Italians have a great quality of life, the Greeks definitely know how to live. Keep the culture going and visit Athens to see The Acropolis, but while you’re there you’re doing MUCH more than just sightseeing. Travel to Santorini to see whitewashed buildings and volcanic landscapes (and make your followers jealous with the photos).

Then, travel by boat to the island of Ios, party late into the evening and lounge around at your beachside hotel. GOALS.


DAY 26 – 28

Explore the Middle East. Prepare your mind, because it’s about to be blown. The first cities were born here, religions were formed here, and languages came from the Middle East, too. It’s safe to say this is a very special leg of the tour and time to see how the world differs. In Dubai, you’ll visit busy markets, see more luxury cars than you can count, and hop in a Land Rover 4×4 for a desert safari through the sand dunes, followed by a barbecue and belly dancing.


DAY 29 – 34

It’s safari time. What would a world trip be without a safari? Don’t forget though that Africa is so much more than just giraffes, humans came into existence here 6 million years ago. Arrive in Johannesburg and explore the bustling city with your group, and hit the open road to Kruger Park. You’ll go on an all-day African Safari and, if things go according to plan, spot as many animals as you can, from lions to elephants.


DAY 35 – 38

Start your Asian adventure. Thailand is as much known for its beaches as it is for its food and friendly locals. You’re going to get more than just a tourist trip to Thailand while you’re here, you could call this a mini-wellness retreat.

While you’re there, you’ll board a longtail boat around Bangkok, visit the Grand Palace and see the Emerald Buddha. You’ll also get a chance to see the floating markets, tropical forests and eat too many Thai noodles.


DAY 39 – 44

Treat yourself to a vacay. After seeing so much, it’s time to relax and refuel. Start in Phuket, where you’ll snorkel and swim in crystal clear waters, chill on the beach and enjoy dinner and drinks like a proper vacation demands.

Get yourself a Thai massage before hopping off to the Phi Phi Islands for two more days of beachside relaxing. See hundreds of wild monkeys, enjoy a cocktail under the stars and visit the spot where Leonardo DiCaprio filmed The Beach. You’ll be so relaxed and rested after this, you will never want to go home.

DAY 45 – 49

See the place where the past and the future collide. Japan is a perfect mix of ancient and futuristic. You’ll visit the Imperial Palace Plaza, the primary residence of the Emperor of Japan, go on a full day tour of Mt. Fuji, Lake Ashi and Mt. Komagatake AND see some of the most beautiful shrines. But while you’re there, there’s a lot more to Japan.

You’ll see the fashion trends of Harajuku, see the lights and sounds of the city and experience the futuristic and fun side of Japan like nobody else.

DAY 50 – 53

Explore Sydney. Your journey ends in Australia, it’s last but it’s definitely not least. And it’s a perfect way to end your world trip. You’ll go on a guided tour of Sydney, go on an epic boat ride into Sydney Harbor and have the free time to do things like take the elevator to the 77th floor of the Sydney Tower and see the city from up high.
You’ll get four uninterrupted days of beaches, food, nightlife, and wildlife, soak up the vibrant culture and reflect on your world trip so far and how far you’ve come since day 1.

DAY 54

Toast to new friendships. You’ve spent 54 days with a group of people who have become your family, and it’ll be time to share your farewell dinner with the group and look back on some of the photos and memories you’ve created over the past 54 days. Grab a few drinks, take some selfies and head to the airport to go home. After this trip, the world is your oyster – and who knows what else you’ll conquer once you land?

So, are you ready to travel the world? The only thing holding you back is you. This is a once in a lifetime trip that you have to book. Get more information about this exclusive trip here.


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