10 Tips For Relaxing After A Stressful Day


Wondering how to unwind? “Taking care of yourself is productive”. I live by this quote because nothing is more important than giving your mind and body the love it deserves, especially after a stressful day. After a long day all your mind and body want is to relax and shut away from this crazy, busy world. Sometimes, it’s difficult to switch off, and that’s why I want to share 10 tips for relaxing after a stressful day. 


Journal your thoughts 

I know this may seem daunting to some but journaling your thoughts can actually release a lot of stress. Anything that is on your mind, write it down. Get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Remember, we’re human not robots so we need to declutter our minds sometimes. Journaling can also help with gratitude and your ability to recognize what’s truly important in your life. This is the first step if you’re asking yourself how to unwind and relax. The 365 Days of Gratitude Journal is perfect for logging daily achievements and helps you to encourage positive reflection. If you want to dig deeper into your thoughts and understand how documenting them can help keep you stress-free, then the Stress Less Journal is for you! 


Take care of your skin

Skin is the human body’s largest organ. So we need to look after it and it can actually be very relaxing. If you want to find out how to get glowing skin in seven easy steps, read this article. After a stressful day, I always take an extra 10 minutes to look after my skin and that’s usually by applying a facemask. 


Get some fresh air 

I always feel so refreshed when I take a walk outside after a stressful day. I’ll take my two dogs and they love it too! You don’t have to go far, just a 10-minute walk to appreciate nature and what’s surrounding you. 


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365 Days of Gratitude Journal


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Bubble Bath

I know this sounds so cliche but having a bath after a stressful day is very relaxing! When done right of course. Make sure you’re using a scent of bubble bath that is going to make you feel relaxed. I love to use a lavender scent. I treat myself to a bubble bath once or twice a week and when I do have one I want to feel like I’m in a spa. So, I light candles, play relaxing music, turn off the lights, and sometimes I’ll even sit in the bath with my facemask on. Then it feels like a real pamper night!


Herbal Tea

I love to make myself a herbal tea after a long, hard day. The trick with herbal tea is to let it brew for a while so you can get all the flavors. Some of my personal favorites are strawberry and mango, berry mix and honey, and camomile. Depending on what kind of day I’ve had will depend on what flavor I will drink. Asking yourself how to unwind, start with a cup of tea!

If you’ve had a very stressful day, I recommend having honey and camomile as camomile promotes sleep and treats insomnia and the antioxidants in honey can help lower blood pressure. 


Spend time with loved ones

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re feeling over-whelmed then give your loved ones a call or even better, go and spend time with them. Even if you don’t want to talk, being in the presence of family and friends can instantly make you feel more relaxed and safe. 


Watch a nostalgic film 

Nothing brings me back to my childhood like watching a nostalgic film. They bring back a lot of happy memories from when I was younger and times when I felt less stressed! The first “grown-up” film my mum introduced to me was ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. A memory that I will always remember is when I would pretend to be Andrea Sachs (Anne Hathaway) and work at my tiny princess desk as Miranda Priestly’s (Meryl Streep) co-assistant. So every time I watch that film it brings me so many happy, fond memories and distracts me from any stresses. Grab your herbal tea and watch a nostalgic film!


Guided Meditation

Meditation can be hard when you are feeling stressed but when someone is guiding you through it you feel a lot more relaxed. I love to listen to BohoBeautiful on YouTube. Finding your breath is so important when you feel stressed because relaxing, controlled breaths reassure your nervous system that everything is going to be fine. Whereas, quick, uncontrolled breathing tells your nervous system that something is wrong and it naturally goes into fight or flight mode. Which results in you feeling anxious and more stressed. Yep, this is how to unwind after a stressful day – with meditation! 


Unplug from social media


It’s hard in the world we live in today to unplug from our social media because it feels like we’re unplugging from the entire world! Sometimes, that’s ok! As much as social media is an amazing, creative platform it can be detrimental to our mental health. It’s acceptable to take time off your phone and shut off for a while. Instead of posting about your day on social media why not track it? The Win At Life journal allows you to document your meals, exercises, feelings, and emotions all in one place. 


Listen to your favorite music

Music makes me feel so refreshed and alive! No matter what mood I’m in, it always brightens up my day. Whether you’re having a bubble bath, unplugging from social media, or journaling. Play some music and lose yourself in it. I love to listen to Jazz music when I’m feeling stressed. It makes me feel like I’m sitting in a cute coffee shop on the streets of Paris. I haven’t been yet, but a girl can dream! Hopefully, this gave you some ideas on how to unwind and relax!

By Hannah Christer