How To Use A Daily Planner To Organize Your Day In Ten Minutes

When you sit down at your desk on a Monday, how much chaos are you confronted with? Wouldn’t it be better if your day went smooth and everything you wanted to do got done?

Getting ahead of the game, making everything work for you and smashing your to-do list on the first day of the week will make it so much easier to end the week on a high and celebrate a week of smooth sailing!

The perfect Monday starts with the perfect plan, and it only takes a few simple steps:



Ok, we don’t want to toot our horns too much, but we’ve created the perfect planner for situations like this. You only have to read the reviews to realize that the Getting Stuff Done planner is something special, combining lined space for daily to-dos. You probably already know where the Getting Stuff Done planner came from, it was created because we couldn’t find a planner out there like it – and we really needed one. 

You only need ten minutes to organize your entire day if you have the Getting Stuff Done planner.



Now the fun part comes, you need to have a little think about your top priorities for the day and give some thought to how long they’re going to take you. For example, if you look inside my notebook I’ve got a whole variety of tasks to do, and if I procrastinate I’ll be in the office all evening, but if I think about how long each thing should take me and move on if I’m taking longer, I’ll get through at least 90% of my to-do list before the end of the day, and the low priority stuff can be bumped off to the next day.

When you open your Getting Stuff Done planner, you’ll see the lined ‘Today’s Plan’ section on the left-hand side. This is your chance to shine, write down everything you need to do, and give yourself an estimated time. Are you going to take thirty minutes to finish the task or sixty? Do you think it’ll take an hour or a week?



Move on to the right-hand side of your planner and start to track your self-care. In this section, you can plan out your meals, your shopping lists, your expenses, self-care, exercise, water, and personal notes. Aligning the two halves of your day will keep you on track. How many times have you worked solidly on a project and almost forgot to eat, sleep, or do anything else? I mean, when the project is over, you feel like a shell of a person, right?

How much more streamlined would you feel if you could get ahead and get everything done without sacrificing your sanity? This is why you need to align that killer to-do list with an amazing plan to look after yourself, too. Make sure you’re drinking enough water, schedule a workout (every day!), make sure you’re not reaching for junk food while you work, and plan some self-care for the evening.



Don’t simply write everything into your planner, close it, and hope for the best. Give yourself regular updates to stay on track. Use a highlighter to cross things through when you’re finished with them, add post-it notes for reminders, and use stickers to make your plan come to life.

When it’s a joy to look at, you’re more likely to look at it (over and over). Whatever your strategy is for staying on track during the day, keep checking in to make sure you’re still following the plan and your day is going smooth. And don’t worry about getting it right from page one, the more days you plan, the easier it will be, and the more you’ll learn about how you work. You might decide that something you thought would take you thirty minutes, actually takes you forty-five, for example. Just keep going, keep refining, and plan your perfect day! Shop the Getting Stuff Done planner now.


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