How To Use Highlighter Like A Pro In 5 Easy Steps



It’s the time of year for party makeup. When else can we wear sequins, velvet, matte lips and as much highlighter as humanly possible, than at Christmas and New Year’s parties?

The problem is, there’s still a lot of mystery about how and why to use highlighter properly, and which colors, shades, finishes and areas we should be focusing on. Never fear, we’re taking some of the confusion out of highlighting, so you can get your glow on for any party you’re attending!


1. Choose the right highlighter


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Choosing the right highlighter is hard there are so many products to choose from. People with dry skin should obviously go for a non-drying highlighter, so a cream or stick highlighter, liquid based highlighters are also a win. If you have nice hydrated skin or oily skin, powder highlighters are perfect. However, you can mix and match your highlighters depending on different areas of your face!


2. Get your colors right 


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Light highlighters look great on pale skin and darker skin, red and pinkish highlighters can be used as a kind of blush, and look nice on darker toned skin. But I tend to think there are no rules when it comes to highlighters, the most annoying thing someone can do is tell me a color I love won’t suit me.

The only thing you have to be cautious of is using a dark color on your nose, inner corners of your eyes or your cupids bow. You should try to use a light reflective, luminous highlighter to catch the light of your face, and a pigmented one on your cheeks to give them a little color (if you want to!).


3. Set before you shine 

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Most makeup gurus swear by setting your makeup with translucent powder first before you apply your highlighter. Setting your makeup is called ‘baking’ and it basically means applying a translucent powder on areas of your face that you’ve applied thick concealer too, and then applying your highlighter.

Use a fluffy brush to apply the powder and bake it by using a sponge or beauty blender dampened with setting spray and patting it on. Leave for five minutes and then dust off the powder.


4. Apply it in the right areas 


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The best areas to apply highlighter are the middle of your nose in a small line, your cupids bow, the tops of your cheeks, the inner corners of your eyes, and a little bit on your forehead and chin if you want to give yourself a luminous look.

The glowing skin look is really in at the moment, so don’t be afraid to pick up those areas that catch the light. It’s not about dulling your complexion anymore, it’s about making it shine!


5. Go for a more natural look 


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If you aren’t a fan of super mega luminous highlighter, you can get an overall natural look by blending foundation and highlighter together. Mix a squirt of liquid foundation with a squirt of liquid highlighter on your hand and apply it as normal, no baking, no excessive glow. It’s the perfect natural look.


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