How To Choose The Perfect Highlighter For A Subtle Glow


I don’t think any of us missed the highlighter trend that stormed onto the beauty scene last year. There’s a reason it won’t be replaced by the next big beauty hack. Embedding itself into our rituals, highlighter has become just as essential as a foundation. When it comes to choosing the perfect one for that subtle glow, you need to understand your face and your look. Let me tell you how you can find the perfect one, no matter the occasion, so you can join in with the glow!

For everyday use:

Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid available here.

I’ve grown to learn that just like foundation, you need to choose your highlight to match your skin tone. So, if you’re a pale girl, this highlighter will do extra wonders for you! But non-pale girls, don’t worry, this highlight will work best to lighten areas of your face you struggle with. For my fellow porcelain ladies, who can’t go darker, it’s best to stick with highlighters that are pearlescent. Trust me, I was skeptical trying out an ivory shade, scared that it would wash me out. But it does wonders! Subtle, beautiful wonders! Buy yours here.


For the smaller areas, which need just as much attention, you’re going to need smaller tools. Highlight the corner of your eyes for that wistful, breathtaking look. Dab a small bit to the center of the nose and most important; your brow bone. Lift that brow and see the amazing results!

For a bronzed glow:

NARS Illuminator – Orgasm available here.

Now, with this summer sun regifting us with our bronzed glows, we can step up our highlight game like never before. To pull off those sexy, summer evenings this highlighter will probably make you the most envied girl in the room. Working best with girls with an olive skin tone and darker, you’ll be able to lean on the powers of this illuminator anytime! Pair with a golden shade eyeshadow for the best sun-kissed glow, and buy yours here.



Don’t go highlight crazy and put loads on your cheeks. Remember it is easier to build up than it is to take off. A little tip is to put your highlight on before your foundation for the ultimate subtle feel. With your bronzed glow you’re going to want to be generous, but not too much!

For a natural highlight:

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow available here.

This is the one I’m most excited to tell you about! It’s my favorite! This compact case has two jobs, to sculpt and highlight. Take it from me, I never bronze, ever. But Charlotte Tilbury’s bronze sculpt is the just the right intensity, making powder contouring the easiest thing in your routine. And the highlight? Well, you won’t be lighting up rooms, but you’ll be visibly lifted and glowing naturally. I promise you! Buy it here.


Ok, so here’s the lowdown. It’s not a simple as a little shimmer here, a little shimmer there. Be strategic, and know your face. The simple instruction of ‘apply to cheekbones’ isn’t viable when everyone’s faces are different. You need to know the hacks. I always start with a sculpt, I put on a darker powder on my cheekbone (because they’re super low). Then, I apply my highlighter above and blend blend blend! It’s an easy, simple facelift!


What’s your favorite highlighter?

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