How To Use The Gratitude Journal To Live A Happier Life

Daily gratitude has been proven to boost mood, improve relationships, improve work performance and make you healthier and happier. With so many benefits there’s no reason not to get started and make gratitude a part of your daily routine.

With a daily gratitude journal, you train your brain to seek out and focus on the positives in every single day. Here are a few tips for using the Gratitude Journal to build a happier, more positive life.

1. Start focusing on the positives in every day

The 365 Days of Gratitude Journal allows you to dig deep and think about what you’re grateful for every day of the year, encouraging you to stop and notice how you feel, what you have, and what’s going on around you.

Right now boosting your happiness is more important than ever, the Gratitude Journal works by giving you three prompts every day that encourage you to write down in detail what you’re thankful for.

2. Fill in the daily prompts

Start the Gratitude Journal at the end of your day and use it to reflect. The first prompt encourages you to think specifically about things that made you smile, while the last prompt asks you to list three specific things about your day.

Being as detailed as possible will allow you to relive those positive feelings and train your brain to seek them out more often. The more you write in your Gratitude Journal, the better. Studies have found that Gratitude has a huge array of benefits from health to relationships.


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3. Write down the things you want to remember

With the Gratitude Journal, you can make happiness a daily habit. Every single day you fill in the prompts, you will start to associate with positive things more than negative ones.

As well as feeling overall happier and more satisfied with life, another added benefit of gratitude journalling is that you will eventually end up with a memory book of 365 happy memories that you can always look back on when you need a boost.


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