The One Thing You Should Wake Up With Every Day


Water with lemon, check. Shower, check. Getting ready, check. Whether it’s the weekend or a weekday, there are some things every morning contains. I mean, forgiving those days when you stay in bed until midday and order food (not judging!). But hear me out here, even on those days you need to wake up and make your first thought to be very clear.

When was the last time you felt just a little bit chaotic in the morning? Couldn’t find your keys? I’m betting you didn’t wake up on time, and also, I’m gonna bet you didn’t motivate yourself to get things done by making sure you had one very important thing in the morning.


The one thing you need in the morning…

Before you jump out of bed before you’ve even had your lemon water or cup of tea, take five minutes to think about your one big goal for the day. Having a goal in mind is an essential element that is able to set a tone for your day. It allows for you to step into your day knowing what you want to get done, which in turn tells you what can wait, remember how important it is to say no to some things?

Successful women especially make sure their day has a goal, no matter how broad or specific. The focus is to build on goals and accomplishments little-by-little, which in turn will help you with your main goal. And while there are many ways to go about this, the one method successful women swear by is to plan the night before.

Think about your goal in the evening

Take time before getting your shut-eye to plan what it is you want to do the next day. A couple of minutes, no more than fifteen, is good enough to picture what it is you plan to achieve when you wake up the next day. Scribble the tasks in detail, create a list or perhaps a chart- getting your goal and ideas on paper helps just in case something slips your mind. When you do this, you are setting a foundation of what your goals are and what it is you intend to do. It also helps to Include this in your night routine – it’s is a great way to get the ball rolling the following day and for your goals to be ready for attack when you wake up.

I like to set one broad goal for the month and every day make sure I’m chipping away at it. I have all my work goals already in a to-do list so my morning goal is usually something personal, maybe my health or fitness or some writing goals I want to hit. Try it, not only will it get you up and out of bed with a fresh burst of energy, it’ll keep you on target!




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  • erikaworld

    I never thought about that! Yeah, that’s important :)

  • Kaylee K

    Such great advice! Every day that I have a plan is one of my “super productive days”, and each day with no plan are the days that I usually get nothing done!! Thanks for the motivation!

    XX -KK

  • Annie

    This is fantastic advice! Really inspired to get a solid night routine going :)