How To Get Perfect Hair While You Sleep

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If you were keeping up with our Instagram stories this week (@careergirldaily) you’ll know we’ve just returned from Ibiza. Gone are the mornings on the beach, evenings in dresses, cocktails, good food, music, and sunshine. Gone too is my bouncy beachy hair, made possible by an army of products and no desire to wake up in the morning and style my locks.

In my opinion, styling your hair while you sleep is genius. When you wake up, you don’t even need to drag a brush through it – while I’m still fresh from my holiday vibes, here’s how to get perfect hair while you’re having perfect dreams!

1. Pimp your pillowcase 

Slip Silk Pillowcase available here.

Honestly, the first thing you need to do for this to work is get yourself a pillowcase that actually helps your hair. As well as being beautiful, soft, and comfortable, these silk pillowcases are my absolute fave because they don’t mess up your hair no matter how many times you roll over in the night. The specially designed silk reduces friction and makes it easier to absorb products, keeping your hair hydrated – which is step number one for perfect hair. I can’t stress how much these pillowcases changed my life! Even the eye mask stopped me from waking up with annoying creases in my skin. A girl’s best friend. Buy it here.

2. Oil it up 

Moroccan Hair Oil available here.

Moroccan oil is the original magic hair oil. No matter whether you’ve got straight, curly, wavy, fine, or thick hair. This oil does not discriminate. It’s a wonder potion no matter wich hair issues you need to tame.

It’s infused with argan oil so it will detangle and strengthen your hair while you sleep. Don’t overload your head with it, just a small dollop will have you waking up like a princess. It contains antioxidants that control frizz and strengthen your hair while you sleep. It’s the best hair oil for healthy, shiny hair I’ve ever used. Buy it here.

3. Switch up your towel


Aquis Hair Towel available here.

Ok, here’s another little tip I’ve saved for friends and family only. I got my first Aquis product from a goodie bag for the Career Girl Academy. It’s something so simple, but it makes a massive difference to your hair. Switch out your standard cotton towel for an Aquis one and you’ll never go back – trust me, I haven’t. It cuts drying time in half, drying hair super fast without heat and adds shine to your hair, too. So when you unwrap your hair it’s already 50% ready for drying, styling, and sleeping on – now that’s what I call genius. Buy it here.


4. Repair while you rest 

Ever Recovery Oil available here.

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t cause any stress or damage to our hair, but this isn’t a perfect world and hair treatments cause damage! I curled my hair recently for an event and the next few days the ends of my hair were so thin, almost like candyfloss. Heat and hair dye can really affect your hair. But if you want to restore health to it without going for a haircut – I’ve got the answer. This recovery oil is designed to work while you snooze, like magic elves, it repairs your split ends while you sleep. I seriously love this – it’s so low effort but works so well! Buy it here.

5. Multi-task your hair and body

Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil available here.

If you really want to streamline your nighttime routine, get a hair and body oil like this one from Ouai. I tried it when the rose oil products were getting big and fell in love. You simply spritz it on your hair and face and go to sleep. It’ll restore shine and hydration to your hair and body without making you feel greasy, and when you wake up to the lovely scent of rose – you’ll be astounded at how healthy you look! It’s all about beauty sleep, babe. Buy it here.



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  • dreamofadventures

    I have those hair towels! My boyfriend got them for me for Christmas and I can’t stop using them. It’s a gift I still use everyday

    • Great gift! Yeah they’re genius, can’t believe the difference in some of the before and after photos! X

  • diane merrell

    Can all races use these different treatments

    • kalexa1

      There’s better info to be found elsewhere like YT.

    • Hi Diane,
      Yes of course. Moroccan oil is great for all hair types, the silk pillow case is INCREDIBLE, and the hair towel also. :) The team behind CGD is very diverse and we all have our favorite things from this list. x

  • Diana Youn

    I’m sold on the Aquis hair towel – it’ll help so much when I’m getting ready at the gym. Thanks for sharing!

    Diana |

    • Hi Diana,
      Yes they’re perfect! I never thought about taking mine to the gym – but it makes so much sense, super quick hair drying! x

  • Natalie Redman

    Nice mix of products! Heard a lot about the silk pillowcase.

  • Janet

    Love the friendly way you write. I’lll have to check out some of these ideas. Moroccan oil has been my standby for years, and I get a lot of compliments on healthy my hair is—I owe it to this!

  • Sofia Vendela

    Always wanted to try the silk pillowcase, personally I am hooked on coconut oil to nourish my hair!

  • Susanna

    Use the morocconhair for years and it’s truly make my hair looks healthier!


  • erikaworld

    Great tips! I will definitely try this :)