How To Win At Life Like Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner is winning at life. If you watched her vlog, you’ll probably be filled with envy as she chose which car she’d like to take to work, ran through her entire room filled with handbags, showed off her huge pink office (complete with flat screens and kids room for Stormi), you can’t deny that she is living her best life – living her dreams.

Although she had a great start by being part of the Kardashian family, she could have been unambitious and lived a relatively low-key life. But the impact she’s made on the world is all down to her, actually, she hasn’t just slapped her name on sub-par products, she’s involved in the development, the aesthetic, the formula, and the marketing. She’s so involved with everything that she does, that she’s even had a room installed in her office for Stormi – surely that shows just how often she’s at the office, and indeed how much time she dedicates to her work. The vlog, while showing Kylie’s enviable life, also showed her work ethic and how dedicated she is as a mother, friend, and career girl.

Kylie’s found the perfect balance for her day, between work, hanging out with her family and collaborating together, making time for herself, lending herself to photoshoots and TV appearances, enjoying life, brainstorming new launches and spending time with Travis and Stormi, she could lose her mind. But she’s found a clever way of incorporating her family into her work life, taking care of herself with her glam squad and relying on modern technology to stay in the loop.

If Kylie can do it with her super demanding schedule, there’s hope for us all yet. You just need to decide what’s important to you, stop procrastinating, and enjoy life. Using our brand new Win At Life journal, we reflected on how Kylie structures her average day to find out what helps her Win At Life and get ahead.

5:50 AM



In Kylie’s vlog, she shows how Stormi woke her up by crying at almost six, and even though she would usually wake up earlier, she spent the morning getting her to settle down and comforting her before getting ready for her day. Kylie shows her closet and her collection of bags in her vlog, which are enough to make anyone envious, and she’s careful to let everyone know that she works hard for it by explaining that she has a busy and full day.

“First I read all my texts. I usually have a bunch because I have a lot of family members and we have a big family group chat. The main one is with my three older sisters, Kendall, and my mom. Then we have one with that group plus Scott, then we have a separate one with that group plus Rob.” She told Violet Grey.

She then starts getting ready around 8 AM, taking a shower and having some breakfast before going into her ‘glam squad’ and getting ready for a photo shoot. She wakes Stormi up at around 8, as she has to go to the farm with her cousins in the morning, it’s important to Kylie to balance her family life with her work life.


9:00 AM



Kylie’s meals help fuel her exceptionally busy day, for breakfast she tries to stay safe and has the same sort for breakfast every day. “Breakfasts are boring right now because I eat the same thing every day.” She’s said. Typically, she will have eggs, smashed avocado, and well-done bacon.

Kylie goes heavy on protein and low on carb, for lunch she’ll typically have a salad with protein, which you can see in her vlog, and then for dinner, she might have something a little heavier and allow herself to have carbs, especially if she’s out for dinner with friends and family. She’ll usually grab pretzels or a light salty snack if she’s feeling hungry. This is smart, by fuelling her body with protein, she’ll be giving herself enough energy to workout and keep going throughout her busy day – when she treats herself to carbs, she’ll often workout, opting for a HIIT workout to use up the carbs and protein that she ate throughout the day.

10:30 AM



Kylie spends almost her entire day in her office, which is decorated pink and black. She has a meeting in the morning with Kendall regarding a collaboration they’re working on, and then another meeting with her mum/business manager Kris. Kylie is lucky that her personal goals, including photo shoots, new lines, and launches, can be so intertwined with her family, too, so she never feels as though she’s isolated or alone.

Kylie brings Stormi to most of her meetings and allows her to have fun in the office, “It’s hard to manage mom life and work life sometimes,” she says. “So that’s why I made her a bedroom here so she can be with me and still have fun.” Mom goals. She finishes off her workday with a photo shoot at 4 PM and then heads home to spend time with her friends or family.

3:00 PM



One of the most important sections of the Win At Life journal is the time spent with family, friends, and relationships. You’ll notice from examining Kylie’s average day that she fills as much time with her family and friends as she can. In the evening after a long day of work, she still makes time to go out for her friends birthday.

She has meetings with her family throughout the day, spends time with her friends when she can, and makes sure her daughter is always present. This balance of spending as much time as possible with her family (even using a group chat to stay in touch with everyone when they’re busy and traveling) helps set her up for a positive day. 




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