How To Workout Like Romee Strijd


If it’s good enough for Romee, it’s good enough for us. Romee’s lean body for the VS fashion shows didn’t come easy, she works out with her boyfriend and her friends, turning it into a social event to make sure she does it every day. And contrary to popular methods, Romee works out in the afternoons, after work.

It’s always motivating to see how successful women workout and their routines, so we thought we’d examine Romee’s routine to see just how easy it is to workout the Victoria’s Secret way.

Romee’s helpfully shared her fifteen-minute butt workout, which you can write down in your Fit Is The Sh*t planner.




“I would say I workout four to five times a week. On my day off, I like to do it in the morning and take my shower and get ready for the day. When I’m working, I mostly go straight after work, before dinner.”

To embrace Romee’s routine, schedule in five days of workouts, and don’t worry about them being too hardcore, as you’ll learn it’s not about the equipment, it’s about the effort. You can change the areas that you train every day in order to get the most out of your workouts.



“For abs, I like a little circuit on the mat. With every [exercise], you should always be using your abs—even when you do squats. Try to feel them [with every movement]. I’ve been doing everything myself with ankle weights and resistance bands, and I bring my jump rope when I travel. You can even do it in a hotel room if you have a mat.”

Use the Fit Is The Sh*t planner to make sure every workout is different so you stay motivated. Whether you’re doing a butt workout on Monday and jump rope on Friday, for example.

“I’m not always motivated, but you just have to go do it because afterward you feel so great and you enjoy the day more because you’ve done it. So, just start somewhere. Just do something. Say to yourself that you only have 15 minutes or something and then it comes from there.”

Romee often goes to the gym with other people, telling them she’ll see them in an hour and then turning it into a little competition, she’ll even do a plank challenge with her boyfriend or go for brunch after with her friends to motivate herself.



Romee starts the day with yogurt with goji berries, nuts, fruit, and a spoonful of peanut butter. Or oatmeal with chocolate whey protein. Her meals are usually protein with vegetables. She’ll have grilled salmon with grilled vegetables, avocado and brown rice for dinner or a chicken salad for lunch.

After she works out (and before dinner) she grabs a protein shake, “There are different stories about [whey], but it helps me workout and build up some muscle,” she said.

“I sometimes take those shots with really strong ginger and cayenne. I feel like it’s good for your immune system.” Ginger and cayenne shots, often also mixed with lemon juice, are great for your immune system and overall health.



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