How Wanderlust Can Be the Secret to Your Success

rp_7a1f00b84473cd6c9fb531013a34deb9-683x1024.jpg“Wanderlust: A strong desire to travel or explore.”

This longing for adventure, for new places and faces, for experiences that can only be found once you leave your comfort zone, is the secret to being successful in your career and in life. Although for many people the word wanderlust conjures up images of luxurious travel to exotic destinations, it is much more than that. It is the insatiable urge to see, to learn, to go, to explore. And acting on the impulses created by wanderlust fuels the flame of creativity and innovation in your life, allowing you to be a super success.


For many Career Girls, work is a place where you thrive. You strive to reach milestones; you work to accomplish your goals and you are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. This can take a toll on you emotionally and therefore physically.

The biggest issue, as shown by a study by the American Psychological Association, that many women (and men, too!) have with their jobs is stress, which can cause serious health issues. Your wanderlust is the secret to curing it. Studies have shown that travel and vacations are a great way to relieve stress. By giving into your wanderlust, you’ll eliminate that stress and become healthier (mentally and physically). You will become happier by doing something that you love. In addition, you will be able to source inspiration. Draw creativity and ideas from the fresh surroundings and become inspired to innovate. You’ll return to work more imaginative as well as more relaxed and will become more successful as a result.

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Allowing your wanderlust to drive you to do new things helps shape your perspective. Seeing new sights, meeting new people, tasting new foods, and experiencing things different than that of your everyday reality: all of these things, parts of wanderlust, expose you to culture. They allow you develop character and personality, as well as a unique perspective which can be applied to everything that you do. Employers and coworkers will notice that you have that special ‘it’ factor that can only come from things learned through travel.

Traveling is an essential part of being successful; it allows you to set yourself apart from others. It shows that you have adaptability-you are not afraid to take chances and risks, and you are curious and imaginative. It shows that you will go the distance-literally-in order to become successful in all that you do.

Wanderlust, when used by the powerful Career Girl, shows your drive and your willingness to go above and beyond in order to reach goals and achieve success. And when people see this, more opportunities become available for you. Wanderlust is the pavement on your road to success. So, get out there. Explore. Find yourself and give into the wanderlust. Overall, it will give you insights into yourself and life that will make the journey to success seem simple.

Featured Photo: Negin Mirsalehi

  1. Love this post :) Wanderlust is such a wonderful feeling. It is great to know that it can co-exist alongside a successful career.

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

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