Humans of New York – The Story Of A Wonderful Woman

The best Facebook-page ever? By far Humans of New York made by Brandon Stanton! The page that restores my faith in humanity every single day, makes me want to go out and meet people from all over the world to hear their stories and reminds me to be nice to everyone, because every person you walk passed has a deeper story and is going through something.

The story that dominated this amazing Facebook-page the last couple of weeks is the one about Vidal and his school principal Ms. Lopez. Brandon meets Vidal in one of the tougher areas of NYC and asks him ”Who influenced you the most in life”?

The answer that this young boy gave, changed the lives of all the children in his school and nearby community. What followed was an interview with the wonderful Ms. Lopez herself who truly is and inspiring woman who gives her heart and soul to the kids in her school. She was about to give up, because she did not believe anymore that she made an impact on the children before all this happened. Now a couple of weeks later Brandon, Vidal and Ms. Lopez raised over 1 million dollars that will be used for an annual Harvard school trip, to give some students a College Scholarship to secure their future and to establish a Summer School for the kids in this area which was really needed since it is too dangerous for them to play outside and most of them are simply too poor to go on holiday.

Miss Lopez and Brandon are the living examples that although you might not know it, you are influencing someone’s life. Make sure you influence people for the better, there is enough negativity in this world, we do not need more, so be positive. Enjoy and be inspired by the story of these 3 beautiful people!

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