What I Keep In My Bag When I Go To The Office

photo: Collage Vintage


woman’s handbag is famous for the incredible amount of power it holds hidden within its depths. While men either go around with no bag or a relatively empty bag, we career girls are rarely seen without our best accessory filled to the brim with goodies.

To make sure you’ve got everything you need to be the best career girl you can be, we’ve compiled a list of our work bag must-haves!

This is what we have in our bags right now, besides those essentials like a phone and laptop, you can judge a woman by what she has in her bag…


‘I always bring quite a big bag with me when I go to the office. At the moment, my go-to office bag is the Lo & Sons OMG bag, practical and big enough for my laptop and all the items I need to survive a day at the office. My discovery of the year is bringing green shot supplements to the office.  An easy, on-the-go way to get your greens for the day and it tastes great!

+ Moisturizer to keep my hands soft and moisturized during the day.
+ Portable charger. Cause, my phone dies way too fast.
+ Matte lipstick and Burt’s Bees lip balm in Coconut & Pear. (smells like heaven)
+ Green shot supplements. For when I need an energy boost.
+ Notebook + Pen. I can’t start my day without a to-do list. I just feel super productive when I see everything marked at the end of the day
+ Highlighter. to give me a healthy glow and quick touch-up when we have events after work.

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‘Working for Career Girl Daily means things can be quite hectic and I have to adapt quickly to situations. More times than not I have an event after work or an important business meeting. So, I always bring a basic make up kit with me. With 4 essentials: foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and blusher. I never have breakfast in the morning. Fun fact. I know it’s the joke at the office. But I always bring chocolate spread with me. I know, sounds a bit strange. This addiction happened somewhere this year and somehow has become a habit.’

+ Make up bag with 4  essentials : foundation, eyeliner, blusher + mascara
+ Always Vaseline, maybe not sexy but it works!
+ Business cards because I never know who I will meet that day
+ Planner + Notebook
+ Umbrella, hey I live in London.
+ A charger
+ Nutella, chocolate spread

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‘Rushing around London and trying to stay constantly inspired is really difficult for me, so my bag is quite full of quirky stuff. The life of a writer is never dull, huh? I like to bring things with me that I know I’ll need, and besides snacks, it’s usually make up and ingenious gadgets and books. I love my rucksack, even though everyone tells me I look like Dora the Explorer, it can carry all the essentials I need.’

+ Make up essentials: foundation, eyeshadow palettebrow pencil, hair ties, and lipstick. (You never know when you’ll be caught off-guard!)
+ A portable charger for running around London
+ A great stress-relief spray for when things get a little hectic
+ My hot water bottle (I love cuddling it in the office!)
+ A planner and a notebook
+ A book – at the moment it’s Essential English for Journalists, Editors and Writers by Harold Evans (word nerd over here!)

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What are your office essentials? Share it with us in the comments below, we’d love to know!


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