How I Keep My Skin Looking Flawless Without Makeup

The scariest thing I’ve done recently is put my face in an electronic scanner and get my skin diagnosed. I didn’t want to know what years of no suncream, no cleanser and no moisturizer had done to my face but the harsh truth was staring back at me. Over 80% of my face was covered in angry looking broken capillaries. You can’t see it with the naked eye but my skin was struggling. No wonder I struggle with dryness and redness on a good day. I knew what the problem was, my cleanser wasn’t doing the job it should have been. It wasn’t gentle enough.


If you read my previous article you know exactly how the FOREO device changed my life, I’ve been  living a life of compliments ever since I started using it, but I made mistakes, I had committed skincare sins if you will – I used the wrong cleansers and I didn’t do it as often as I should have.


After seeing my  skin up close like that, I knew I had to do something so when I heard FOREO now had dedicated cleansers I knew I couldn’t let my skin suffer the way it was. I got hold of the FOREO LUNA 2 device, the improved version of my old favorite, it uses 2x the T-Sonic power to remove more dirt, unclog pores and enhance the absorption of your favorite products. Exactly what my poor red skin needs!


The device I use is for sensitive/normal skin and it’s hygienic and feels great, it’s an investment as you never have to spend money on head changes or cleansing wipes again, so it’s really perfect for someone who wants to cut down on their routine. The Day & Night cleansers themselves are pretty genius too, I’m obviously clueless about what I should be using but once I switched to their transformative cleansing range I really felt like I was getting the most from my device.


The Day & Night cleansers adapt to your skin’s needs throughout the day and night and contain out of this world extracts like meteorite and moringa extract to protect against pollution and detoxify the skin. Science aside, it passed the sister test – my sister is the harshest critic and she was obsessed with my skin transformation. The FOREO already kept my skin cleansed and free of dry skin, but with the next generation device and the addition of the cleansers, I felt like I was glowing – plus I’ve never taken so many nice no-makeup selfies before in my life! Plus – there is free shipping on the FOREO site right now too!

Photography Camille Valbusa at LA Suite West Hyde Park London

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  1. I wouldn’t have imagined how cleansers affect the way your skin looks like. I’ll definitely make sure to buy the perfect cleanser for my skin type. Thanks for the advice ! I always enjoy reading the CGD articles. Keep up the good work !

  2. This device sounds really interesting and something that I might want to give a go! I definitely know my current cleansing routine isn’t cutting it, since my skin has started to act up again. xx

  3. I’ve used the device for about a year and to be honest it isn’t the “holy grail” everyone is looking for. Don’t get your hopes to high for this one ladies. It’s just, okay.

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