What I Learned From Leaving A Job That Left Me Feeling Rock-Bottom


Do you know what it feels to be stuck in a job you hate? Well, I do! Sunday nights left me wishing for a time machine so I could just relive the weekend again. And when Monday morning came creeping into my bedroom I just wanted to wrap myself up like a burrito in my duvet and tell it where to shove it.

It all started when I found a job in retail soon after completing my journalism course. I needed the money and I knew it wouldn’t be forever. I was pretty content for the first year, the money was decent and I didn’t mind stocking shelves and helping out the (polite) customers.

Hitting the bottom

But from then onwards it felt like a downward spiral to me and I started to detest my job. I became fed up of the early starts. Waking up at 5am, downing my cereal and rushing out of the door for 6am to then start my shift at 6:30 until 1pm. I became bored of the mind-numbing routine, every day was exactly the same.

My friends would tell me how lucky I was to start and finish early, but I was far from lucky. I never had the rest of the day to myself to apply for jobs to kick-start my career as I was too exhausted. Plus seeing all the other people who was on my course progressing in theirs would make me feel worse. I would get in, eat my lunch and nap (for too long.) I was picking up bad habits and becoming a tad depressed.

I knew I had to take a leap and just leave as it was making me unhappy, and my family could also see I was unhappy…so I did. I handed in my notice and soon after I found an internship at an online magazine.

Turning it around

Since then I’ve had 8 job interviews in 8 months, while I was working in the store I had 0. I knew all along it was holding me back from moving forward with my career goals.

I am now an Editorial Intern at CGD and haven’t looked back since, but I knew I should have left sooner. The fear of being without income meant having my independence stripped for me. I’ve always earned my own money, this was the main reason I was too scared to leave even though it made me depressed. Remember, happiness and health is way more important than money.

Get support

I am grateful that I have a supportive family and partner who gave me a kick in the butt, if it weren’t for them I’m not sure where I would be working now.

I completely understand that many people aren’t in the position to just tell their boss where to go and storm out with their heads held high. If you can’t leave then seek another job before you end up loathing it to the point where it’s bringing you down. Go with your gut.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, whether you leap with or without a plan B, it’s never too late!

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  1. I held two jobs that were both equally awful. It seems jobs like that have “perks” others are jealous, but it’s not fulfilling work and that makes it so much harder to get out of your rut. I’m in a job I enjoy now! Congratulations!!


  2. Thank you for sharing your story! You are right happiness and health are more important than money. the rest will eventually follow. Some hard times for better days later. I also advise to anyone going through this kind of experience right now to if possible talk it through with their manager to see if it is possible to maybe change department, diversify tasks, etc. Discussion and talking is sometimes the solution. If it is really not going well just like you Sophie, handing the resignation letter is the best you could have done. Wish all the best for the future! :D

  3. I find this story comforting in that whatever mistakes you can do career-wise, you can still regroup and change your course for the better. :) Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Really interesting story! I ‘m in a very similar situation & bizarrely not having a job has enabled me to set my sights on applying to roles I really want! I just hope for me it works out just as well as it did with you!
    careergirlsite.wordpress.com xoxo

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