I Quit My Job Without A Plan! Here’s Why I’m Not Freaking Out


Well, I’ve done it—I’ve done what every article aimed at 20-somethings has done, and decided to leave my job in search of something more meaningful to me, think Eat, Pray, Love, I’ve run away from my responsibilities and I’m searching for something that excites me.

And although usually, I’m very type-A, and always have a plan for my next move, this time, I’ve decided to leap before I look. I’ve been funemployed for one week now, and here’s what I’m telling myself (and anyone else who’s in the same situation!):

You need a plan. FAST. 

Just because you didn’t start out with the most concrete plans, doesn’t mean you can’t start where you are. The first thing I did was search the library catalog (and then when that failed, hit up Amazon) for books that would help me navigate my next step. I highly recommend What Colour Is Your Parachute? and Do What You Are; both books force you to look inside to what you really want, in order to make your next move.

Work doesn’t stop just because you don’t have a boss anymore. 

If anything, you are now the CEO of a company with one employee (which is also YOU!). The focus you had as an employee has to translate to the focus on what your next move will be. You’ll now need for your job search.

You need a routine. 

And one you can stick to, as well. When I first left my job, I told myself I was going to get up every day at 7am, run for an hour, meditate, eat healthy every meal, apply to 8 jobs a day, network over coffee, and still have the time to go out in the evenings.

That lasted all of 2 days before I hurt my ankle running, realized that I needed time to research job opportunities, and 4 applications a day was more realistic. It might be trial-and-error, but you need to find a routine that works for you. Otherwise, you’ll go nuts with all the free time you’ll have!

It’s going to be OK. 

Just tell yourself this, over and over again; because it will be. As long as you take this time to figure out what you want, it won’t be a waste. Trust yourself that you’ll get through this!

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