How I Relax After A Stressful Day In Just 10 Minutes


Relaxation in a snap.

No matter how many great days I have, there are the times when I’m feeling stressed, physically exhausted and sometimes even unable to sleep. Maybe it’s the exposure to countless hours in front of computer screens or traveling on what seems to be the longest of commutes, but when I finally reach home I need a rapid and easy way to relax and settle in for the evening.

Luckily, I’ve discovered a way to chill out in just 10 minutes! This is my life-saving routine.

Step 1:

Once I arrive home I immediately change out of my work clothes and get into the comfiest loungewear I can find, admittedly a pink fleece pajama set that I’ll never throw away. I then organize my bag for the next working day and let the thoughts of my frantic day drift away.

Step 2:

I set the mood with some music, and not your usual club anthems or pop classics, but something mellow to really set the tone of my night. I’m a firm believer in creating the perfect ambiance for different moods, and when I’m looking for the perfect calm I plug into these playlists. These various soundtracks transform everyday murmers into soothing sounds that can truly take you to a different place.

Step 3:

As they say, save the best till last. My final and most important step is to use a warming eye mask. My current favorite is from Optrex. It’s a compact clever mask that heats up once it’s applied to the face. I absolutely love the way it starts to immediately soothe and moisten my tired eyes.

The combination of having my eyes closed and the warmth created by the mask encourages me to completely switch off from all distractions and makes me focus on pampering time alone. In just a few short minutes, I’m left feeling de-stressed, recharged and comforted.

Besides leaving you feeling like you’re wrapped up in a warm blanket on a frosty day, the mask is also fabulous because of its convenience. It’s no lie that stress can strike at any moment, but I’ve found that the Optrex Warming Eye Mask can quite literally be used anywhere. So whether you’re on a flight, getting ready for bed or on a lunch break at work, the mask is a quick and easy remedy to any situation that requires some unwinding. And the best bit? Your makeup won’t budge under it!


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Written by Sameeha Shaikh. This article is sponsored by Optrex, 


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  • Makarena

    I’d love to try that eye mask, I’m in the need of relaxing too. Thanks for sharing :)

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