I Woke Up Like This! How To Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine


We can all be guilty of hitting the snooze button one too many times, rolling over in bed and trying to convince ourselves we don’t need to get up…just yet. But once you do eventually pull back the covers, and realise you should have got up at least half an hour ago, you need to rush your face on and get out the door! Don’t worry, we’ve got some important steps to help you speed up your morning routine when you’re in a rush.

Invest in a multi-purpose base: There’s nothing worse than feeling in a rush when you want to look your best, but a multi-purpose base product, like a BB or CC cream, makes doing your make up a whole lot quicker. BB creams stand for Blemish or Beauty Balm whilst CC stands for Colour or Complexion Corrector. Both products contain hydrating properties acting as a moisturiser, SPF protection, and semi-sheer coverage whilst evening out skin tone.

If you don’t mind splashing the cash on make up, then the Chanel CC Cream Complete Correction is worth the investment. It provides good, buildable coverage with a blendable texture, working beautifully as a moisturiser and foundation all in one. For a cheaper alternative, try the No7 BB Cream from Boots. Not only does it offer different formulations depending on whether you have dry, normal or oil skin, the formula is also nutrient-enriched to help prevent blemishes whilst the texture is light and easy to apply.

Opt for cream eye products: Cream based make up products are often the quickest way to inject some colour and life into your skin in a short amount of time. When it comes to perfecting your eyes, cream eyeshadows are the perfect option as they are highly pigmented, and can be swept onto the lids with one swipe.

MAC’s Paintpots are a must have when it comes to eyeshadows; the shade Bare Study provides a soft beige base, with a subtle hint of golden shades for those wanting a natural lid whilst Painterly or Groundwork provide more neutral brown tones. And if you’ve got an extra few minutes to spare you can always add a flick of liquid eyeliner before adding lots of mascara to make your eyes look more awake. Eyes done! Use a face and cheek palette: To save time, opt for face products within one palette and contour in seconds. Starting at your temples, take your bronzer shade on a brush and sweep in a 3 shape down along your cheekbones and along your jawline. Don’t forget to sweep the product down your neck so it’s fully blended!

Then for blush, chose a light coloured blush with light reflecting particles to help make your face glow and sweep it onto the apples of your cheeks. Finally highlight in a C shape starting from by your eyebrow, down the tops of your cheekbones, just above the bronzer.

Renowned for their face palettes, nothing quite compares to beauty cult product, Nars. The newest collaboration with Steven Klein has produced the One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette. Containing a bronzer, a highlighter and a choice of four blushes, this palette has everything you could ever need at your fingertips!

Finish with a bright lip: If time’s running out and you’re still not happy with how you look, then it’s time to call upon the bright lip. A slick of bold lipstick, gives the illusion of having spent ages on your make up when in fact, you only got out of bed 10 minutes ago.

When it comes to picking a lipstick, you want a hassle free formula that will apply easily without smudging or smearing all over your face. Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are your go-to product as the matte formulation means it glides onto the lips effortlessly, but once it’s on you won’t have to worry about it smearing off or staining your teeth before you’ve even got to work!

Save your hair with dry shampooIf you wake up with zero time to spare, tip your head upside down and spritz dry shampoo all over the roots, this will give you extra volume and body. Then flip your hair and run your hands through your hair, adding more dry shampoo if necessary. If you worry about the dreaded ‘talcum powder’ look with white residue in your hair, then use Ruth Crilly’s Colab Dry Shampoo. The lightweight formula leaves hair feeling fresh and clean, and the range comes in a range of different scents so there’s one for everyone to enjoy, the London Classic Fragrance is a firm favourite.

To finish the look, there’s always time to spritz with your favourite texturising spray to make sure the body doesn’t fall flat throughout the day, and Oribe’s Dry Texturising Spray is renowned for a reason! Don’t forget to finish with a mist of your favourite scent, and you’re good to go.

Images by The Blonde Salad

  • Dominique

    I know it’s not an option for most people but I’ve taken to just doing my makeup at the office. Between walking and public transit, my makeup seems to melt off my face by the time I get there requiring touchups.

  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome tips !



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