The Vlog: Ep. 2 | How I Started A Multi-Million Company Without A Degree


Last weekend, at the Career Girl Academy, we learned so much. From how to take an online business offline to how to start a successful company without a degree. Our first talk of the day, led by Anna Shillinglaw, kickstarted the day and motivated everyone to follow their dreams. One of our guests even left the event to quit her job and follow her dreams!


So Anna was a model when she was younger (signed by the same agency as Kate Moss), but she quit the industry to launch the UK’s first plus sized model agency, MiLK model management. She told us how she deals with negative feedback (it is personal, even when they say it’s not!), how she balances her work with her home life and how she quit school and managed to create something successful. She was so honest about her investments, about how she feels sometimes, and how she’s building her company. I think everybody in the room wanted to work for her. Want to see the highlights? Check out the Career Girl Academy in our vlog  here.



A lot of people came alone and by the end of the day, new friendships were made. For lots of our guests, networking with like-minded people was the highlight of their day and one of the reasons they came to our event. After an inspiring day, it was great to loosen up a bit and enjoy a cocktail or two!

Celina and I spent some time preparing for our Ultimate Blogging Masterclass! We shared top secrets on how Career Girl Daily got super successful within six months and answered all the burning questions on how to run a popular blog! Plus, I shared my favorite secret tools that I’ve been guarding for years.

The event was held at the coolest hotspot in London, The Hoxton, Holborn. Want to attend the next one? Tickets for our second event in January are available here.



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Beth is the Managing Editor of CGD. She is a graduate of the Penguin Writer's Academy, has published a short story and loves to read creative writing manuals in her spare time.

  • TiffanyTene’

    I enjoyed the vlog! Go Career Girls!!

  • Chloe Watson

    Thank you so much career girl daily! You girls are amazing, and I’m feeling so inspired after the event, thank you!!! 😁❤️

  • amelia

    what a great story! love to see women inspiring women!

  • NichelleRae

    This sounds like a “I can’t write notes fast enough” event. I hope there are plans to do one in the USA for 2017!

  • Alexandra

    I’d love to see one of these happen in Canada one time! It would be so exciting!

  • Charmaine Ng

    I wish I could’ve attended. You guys should do worldwide events soon! :D
    – Charmaine

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