How I Went From Messy To A Neat Freak Once I Had My Own Place

When I first moved out, I lived with two housemates. Two guys who were a bit younger than me. The house was a mess. There were always dishes in the sink, I vacuumed maybe once in 2-3 weeks and I’m ashamed about the hygiene of the bathroom. I couldn’t be bothered much back then, though. But since I moved into my own space last January everything has changed. Here is how I went from the most messy person to a complete neat freak when I moved into my own house.

My own house, my own responsibility

In my old house, I felt like if my housemates didn’t clean up their stuff, I didn’t have to either. But now I feel like I need to clean the kitchen after I cooked because it is my responsibility. Honestly, the first few weeks I continued my previous behavior, but I soon found out that living in a clean house made me feel much better. So I started to do the dishes right away and vacuum more often.

A clean house is a clear mind

And that’s so true! Once your house is a disaster you feel more stressed out and chaotic. I realized that it made me feel more relaxed and I was actually proud of myself when everything was nice and tidy. Just try to do a small task every day. Because after a long and busy day there is nothing more satisfying than coming home to a clean house. I could enjoy an evening just sitting on the couch and not having to worry about a pile of laundry waiting for me and trust me, that’s a really nice feeling.

Make it a habit

Now it’s almost a year later and I have to admit I actually like to clean and tidy up my apartment. Turn up the music and do a little dance while cleaning and it becomes fun! Recently I changed my closet from summer clothes to fall/winter proof clothing. Everything is sorted out and ranked by color and fabric. It is a total lifesaver during the morning when your closet is organized. You don’t have to do everything all at once of course, but just try to do a little bit every day and the benefits are amazing.

Of course, I am older and I care more about the space I live in now than I did when I first moved out, but being neat and keeping my apartment fresh is one of the best things that I learned in the past year. And now that I found a weekly routine to keep it clean it saves so much time and stress. I don’t have to worry when I want to invite people over and it is also much better for my health as well.

How do you keep your apartment clean and tidy?

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  • Cherry Jam Street

    So true about the mess equating to a stressed mind! I dont usually feel like cleaning up but once i do i feel so much more relaxed!

  • Stephanie G

    It’s funny how you talk about that as I was watching a video ou YT the other day and the girl was saying the same thing! As I don’t have my own place yet, I can feel it with my car. Even though I was taking good care of the cars my parents let me drive before, now that I have my new car I’m obsessed about keeping it clean, especially keeping its new car smell :)


  • Tasnim I

    This is sooo true! A messy home just stresses me out, can’t think straight! Once everything is in it’s rightful place you just feel so relaxed and happy with everything :)

  • Grace

    SO true! When it’s your own space there’s a sense of pride and duty to keep your place looking great :D

    A Millennial Student

  • Camille Beygui

    I just moved out of my parents place three months ago and these tips are very much needed since I can’t seem to keep my place tidy for more than 2 days. Thanks for sharing


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