How To Improve Your Life By Asking Yourself One Simple Question


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It’s so easy to feel like you aren’t on track sometimes, or to be working but feeling uninspired and unmotivated. If you are feeling a bit uninspired with what you’re doing, there’s a chance that you need to improve your life and ask yourself what’s your ‘why’.

By that, we mean, why are you doing this? It’s so important to find your ‘why’, sometimes, even when you’re in an established company you don’t know why you are doing what you’re doing, which can make you feel confused and unmotivated. So here’s how to figure it out and get yourself on track…

1.  What inspires you and gives you life?

Consider what it is that makes you come alive – what provokes passion in you, and invokes a yearning to succeed? It’s not only to do with your interests but how you can affect others and have an impact on people outside of you.

2. Which strengths come naturally to you?

Think about where your talents lie. What is it that comes so easily to you? Perhaps it’s a skill that you can pick up without evening thinking about it, something that feels like it requires barely any effort. On the surface it may not seem like something you could do as a career, but it could lend itself to something you’re really passionate about – be creative!

3. What are your greatest values?

Women are more likely to undervalue themselves than men – we don’t want to be seen as ‘arrogant’ or ‘bossy’. However, we all have our strengths, so look at how you could use them to add the most value to your life and others’.Don’t worry about being better at something you don’t enjoy doing – success never came from working your butt off at something you hate!

4. How do you value and measure your success?

The obvious answer is ‘don’t think about the money’ – but we all have bills to pay and lives to live, which unfortunately can’t be funded by eating cake and knowing who won Bake Off in the second series (shame!).
Perhaps it’s a case of viewing your current job differently; play more to your strengths at work and stay true to your values just don’t let it keep you from making a leap of faith. This job doesn’t have to be forever, so keep an eye on the bigger picture and what you can do to get to a place where your passion, talents, and values lie.

5. Just ask

If you’re in an established company and you find yourself scratching your head about the strategies they’ve put in place, just ask. Ask your superior, mentor or boss why you do things a certain way, what it leads to and how you can improve. It’s sure to help you feel better about your journey towards success.
Do you have any other tips on finding more purpose in your life?

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