4 Easy Steps To Incredible Instagram Photos This Christmas

Here at CGD, we love to share and inspire and what better way to do that than through social media? A picture can say a thousand words, so why wouldn’t you want your pictures to stand out? You want to snap your presents, your tree, your friends, your pets, and your experiences and make them look amazing. Creating memories to look back on for years.

With Christmas finally upon us, we all want to be able to share our festivities with family, friends and followers! So here are our 4 steps to help you take incredible Instagram photos this holiday!


1. Play with lighting





Ask any photographer, lighting is the key component to taking great pictures! To get the professional, high-quality glow many successful Instagrammers invest in studio lighting, but this isn’t an option for many of us! Instead, natural lighting is just as good at taking high-quality photos!

Fairy lights are amazing for taking Christmas snaps! Allow the twinkle to enhance the photo, sending light rays flashing across the image that capture the magic of the day. If you’re lucky enough to get snow, this same effect will be just as enchanting! Play around with the contrast and adjust the brightness until you have a striking snowy scene.

The time of day also allows for interesting differences in pictures. Try taking yours during “the golden hour” (or sunset) for a gorgeous orangey cast on your images! This will add a warm and cozy appearance to your pictures, which is perfectly festive for Christmas!


2. Color and consistency




Consistency in your theme is vital for enhancing your Instagram! Check out any successful accounts and their images tend to have a similar feel, whether it be a particular color, image or composition!

Get the look by focussing on a certain color, at CGD we love pink, red and gold and this is evident in all of our Instagrams. Whatever your preference, pick filters and editing tools, like Snapseed, to strengthen your Christmas colors. Deepen your reds and greens and let the silvers and golds shine! When shooting reflective surfaces like bottles of wine, baubles or shiny wrapping paper, be sure to have a good look at where you’ve positioned yourself!

Picking an angle is also key to creating a consistent aesthetic. You don’t just have to stop with color, try to keep your angles similar. When shooting your Christmas dinner, overhead shots tend to make the most appealing arrangements! Avoid trying to make things look perfect, food looks most tempting when it’s trickling and oozy.


3. Retro flair




Christmas is a time for nostalgia. Tradition is a huge part of the holiday season, so why not reflect it on your Instagram? A retro feel works well for festive scenes and the easiest way to do it is to get an app with plenty of fun filters.

Sepia tones give your images a comforting vibe and vignetting is a vintage technique perfect for focusing on the subject of your picture! Find an app with the best retro filters or use the many Instagram already have in place!

Apps like VSCO, are a must for every serious Instagrammer who want to add some seasonal flair to their photography, it has beautiful one-tap presets and is packed with superior filters to play around with!

Additionally, light enhancing tools like Afterlight, are great at softening out images creating beautiful light leaks and giving your pictures that old-timey, cozy vibe!


4. Caption it




Now you have your pictures it’s time for the caption! Add some festive sparkle to your pictures with a cheesy Christmas caption! Movie quotes and puns are brilliant ways to invigorate your seasonal Instagrams and it wouldn’t be the holidays without a corny message! Even asking questions and talking with your audience about the period will do wonders for your engagement too! So, make sure to do the relevant research around this.  Finally, don’t forget some festive hashtagging!


How do you take your pictures? Let us know you Instagram secrets the comments section below


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