Inspiring Lessons From Celine’s Top Designer Phoebe Philo

Phoebe Philo: what do you not think of when you hear this name? She is a British fashion designer, a highly successful woman, one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People, a highly regarded and award-decorated woman, and in addition to all of this, she’s an amazing woman who is an inspiration to anyone who knows her work and story.

Learning about what values, morals, dreams and desires Phoebe Philo has is a surefire way to become inspired, to get motivated, and maybe, to try something new. Read on for a story that will encourage and entice you to do something bold, something fresh, and something that is individual to you.

Be confident and just do you!

Phoebe Philo’s determined confidence and extreme individuality allow her to prosper in many aspects of life: the fashion industry, the media, and in her everyday life. Imagine that your hard work and willingness to do whatever it takes (while staying true to yourself) drives your opportunities, experience, and successes up and your weaknesses down. Phoebe not only graduated with a degree in fashion design from a prestigious university, she also has furthered her career in countless numbers of innovative ways, from launching her own label under a huge company, to developing her own original fashion line complete with accessories (and a hugely successful handbag/tote line).

Maintain the balance and know when to take a break

Through all of these rewarding, yet challenging, accomplishments, she has managed to still put the needs of herself and her family first; after giving birth to her daughter, she did something very noble. She stepped down from her significant position to take time for her personal life to develop into something as prosperous as her career.  Even more amazingly, when she came back from her break, it was with a power that broke ground and barriers; she upturned some of the standards in the fashion industry and created an empire of sorts.

Overall, Phoebe’s prowess in all of the fields she’s involved herself in from family life, to working under someone else, to pioneering new ground in an industry has shown the levels of inspiration that she draws from everything around her, and shows the potential that all of us have to do things we never thought possible. She illustrates the fact that with hard work and a dream, anything you wish to accomplish is possible and attainable. Phoebe Philo, overall, should be a huge inspiration to all Career Girls.

What is your favorite thing about Phoebe Philo, CGD readers? Let us know.

Featured Image via Business of Fashion

  • Camille Beygui

    This woman is so inspirational


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