The Insanely Easy Guide To Starting A Podcast

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When I find a podcast that I love I tend to listen to it as much as humanly possible – in the shower, while drinking my morning coffee, on my drive to work, during work on my breaks, and while I work out or go for a jog. I am obsessed. My friends are obsessed. So many people are obsessed!

So, why should you start a podcast?

You are able to build a deeper connection with your audience.

When someone listens to your voice day after day, they wind up connecting with you on a deeper level. An even deeper level than what they would get when reading an article.

A podcast can be taken almost anywhere.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to listening to podcasts! Just recently I had a six-hour flight. Do you know what I did that entire length of the flight? I listened and laughed along to my favorite podcast.

People can and will listen for a longer amount of time.

My favorite example is you. Yes, you! Right now you are reading this article and perhaps even enjoying reading this article. However, if it took you twenty minutes or more to read this you probably wouldn’t get to the end. The same goes for a lot of YouTube videos. The longer the video, the less likely you are to watch the entire thing through. Podcasts, however, are in an entirely different ballpark. You are able to share so much more in a podcast without having to worry about losing your listeners.

You are able to repurpose your content.

Content is, and always will be, key. The more you are able to repurpose your content, the more value you will be able to provide to your readers and listeners. Not to mention, a podcast allows you to have another medium for which your content can be shared. You will also get additional exposure with having a podcast.

Now, how do you start a podcast? Firstly you should have some idea of what you want to talk about, you need to write a script and give yourself a few trials. Once you’re confident that you want to go through with it these are the next steps.

1. Be committed

A podcast does take some work, especially in the beginning.

2. Invest in good equipment

While you can record on your iPhone, a microphone, recorder, and audio editing software are a must (you can even borrow this equipment or do it for free in a studio).

3. Find your niche

Narrow your topic and think about what you want to talk about.

4. Pick a name and create a cover art image

Try to find a name that is catchy and cover art that is visually appealing.

5. Write a subtitle and description for your podcast

Again, make it catchy and appealing.

6. Record and edit your podcast

Don’t be discouraged if it takes a couple tries.

7. Export and tag your MP3 file

Upload your podcast. You’re almost there!

8. Find a place to host or submit your podcast

Do your research! Some popular ones are Libsyn, SoundCloud, Podbean, Podomatic, iTunes, and Amazon S3.

Easy peasy, we expect to see more podcast stars emerging now.

Written by Mckenzie Allyshia.

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