4 Positive Things Every Go-Getter Girl Does!


Wondering how to think like a go-getter girl? A go-getter is an independent woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. She will not stop until she is satisfied with what she achieved. A go-getter girl never settles for anything less than perfect. She speaks her mind in every situation and stands up for what she believes in.

#1 She knows what’s best for herself.

A go-getter girl lives by her own commandments, which she knows are best for herself. They include to love yourself inside and out, have confidence in yourself and what you believe in – even if others think you’re crazy, never lower your standards for those who refuse to raise theirs and many more. You can use the Stress Less Journal to journal your thoughts, worries, and doubts and focus on building yourself into a more confident, happier, less stressed person.

#2 She stands up for herself!

In everyday life you can spot a go-getter girl by the things she does. She always stands up for herself and her beliefs. She doesn’t mind if her values go against the grain, she knows what she believes in and stands for and she will make sure her opinions are heard.


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#3 She learns from her mistakes.

A go-getter girl has the courage and strength to allow herself to be her. She learns from her mistakes. She might think about why her last interview failed but she won’t be frustrated about it forever because she knows that she can succeed.

#4 She’s always got a plan

A go-getter knows that there are so many small things that can throw off her entire day. That’s why it’s so important for her to have a plan. The best type of plan not only focuses on what you’re going to do, but how you’re going to look after yourself. Don’t sacrifice yourself in the pursuit of ticking off your to-dos. Instead, combine your to-do list with self-care, meal plans, exercise, budget and more.

You can use our Daily Planner layout to stay on track with all your to-dos and make a plan to take care of yourself while taking care of your to-dos. Which will help you think more like a go-getter and get more done! Remember, you define yourself on your own terms. Work for what you want and become the person that gives you the most joy. So don’t let anyone tell you that a go-getter is an unglamorous term. You go girl!

By Benita Ilgenstein


  1. I love how you ended this post by saying every women needs to follow her heart and be the key to her happiness.

  2. This is definitely my aim, I am especially working towards the standing up for myself part. Loved the post and this blog, very inspiring.

  3. Good post, although I have to say that I feel like I keep seeing the same images over and over again on this website. This one I’ve seen before, and the one with blogger Negin holding donuts in front of her face is seriously getting old…
    – X Marloes

  4. Thanks for your feedback Marloes and we are aware of that. We just switched servers today, because we exceeded our quota, which means we were not able to upload new photos with each article. (because of the immense amount of traffic the last months). Nevertheless, we wanted to share our articles on the website and sometimes combined with older images.

    I’m happy to tell you that we just switched servers today and the problem is solved now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    xx Celina

  5. Thank you for a wonderful post!
    It´s really spot on and very important. This is what we should teach our kids in school.

    You Rock!!!

  6. Spot on with the things to focus on. People will always find a way to say you have your life wrong, but they are usually looking up at you wishing they had the lifestyle you have. Very few people recognise hard work, but get a new car and they moan like anything that they should have got one too.

  7. Sometimes when times get rough and things don’t go as planned, it can be hard to believe we will succeed. But the key is to persevere and stick to the plan! And enjoy the ride…because it may be a long one!

  8. She knows she will be successful. Love it! Thank you for sharing this!


  9. I love point #4 the best, this is definitely my mindset :) thanks for sharing!

    Helen | The Little Giraffe

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