4 Positive Things Every Go-Getter Girl Does!


A go-getter is an independent woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. She will not stop until she is satisfied with what she achieved. A go-getter girl never settles for anything less than perfect. She speaks her mind in every situation and stands up for what she believes in.

#1 She knows what’s best for herself.
A go-getter girl lives by her own commandments, which she knows are best for herself. They include to love yourself inside and out, have confidence in yourself and what you believe in – even if others think you’re crazy, never lower your standards for those who refuse to raise theirs and many more.

#2 She stands up for herself!
In everyday life you can spot a go-getter girl by the things she does. She always stands up for herself and her beliefs. She doesn’t mind if her values go against the grain, she knows what she believes in and stands for and she will make sure her opinions are heard.

#3 She learns from her mistakes.
A go-getter girl has the courage and strength to allow herself to be her. She learns from her mistakes. She might think about why her last interview failed but she won’t be frustrated about it forever because she knows that she can succeed.

#4 She knows she will be successful.
She refuses to be anything other than successful. She works because she loves what she does and not because anyone else tells her to. A go-getter girl is never sorry for being a woman with a mind of her own, she makes her own decisions and also knows that she has to deal with the consequences and responsibilities of that on her own.

All these statements sound so positive but sometimes people put you down for being a go-getter girl. They see you always working hard, looking fab, having your life together. Some might say that you work too much, and don’t have the right work/life balance. Remember you are doing all of this for you, nobody else but yourself. You are becoming the person that gives you the most joy. So don’t let anyone tell you that a go-getter is an unglamorous term. You go girl!


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By Benita Ilgenstein



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