How One Book Inspired Me To Live My Dreams

The Ultimate Blog Plan available here.

Once upon a time, you’d always find me with my nose in a book. Being a writer too,  my secret tool was reading. It helped me remain motivated, creative and inspired. But recently, things have been a little tough. Being the hardcore Career Girl means working two jobs because unfortunately, passion doesn’t pay the bills. Overworked, and feeling stuck I had no time to chase after my dream career, or even be motivated for it. Everyone else seemed to be succeeding in life, and I felt like I was regressing. I needed to do something. I needed to make a change, to take a risk. And it all started with a book:

It’s not just for blogging

I had taken an internship to try and stay connected to the world I loved so much. Every day I was writing to motivate girls to go after their own careers and let nothing stop them. I was in an office surrounded by women who risked everything and went after their dreams, and they were now successful because of it. In the past, I had read numerous books that promised to change my life. The Ultimate Blog Plan didn’t have to promise this because it did, and I found out it’s not just about blogging at all! Seriously…here’s how it changed my life.

1. Fear is not your friend

Three girls started around a kitchen table with just an idea they believed in. Six months later they had won a Bloglovin’ award. There may be millions of blogs out there, but there’s only one of you. Don’t be scared of not standing out when you haven’t tried to. There is one thing I won’t let get in my way, and that’s fear. If I lose, I lose, but I took part, I tried.


 The Ultimate Blog Plan available here.

2. It teaches you how to succeed

The book doesn’t lecture you to one ideal, or copy the same strategies and concepts. It makes you create your own and helps you set it up through the book. It’s like you’re working together, by the end of the book you’ve already got your business model. You’ve already made the first step. I never stepped out of my box, because I felt like I didn’t have the skills to do anything like this. But the truth is, no one starts off with the skills ready to go. You build them – and this book helped me do exactly that. Buy it here.

3. You’re just as good

Why can’t you do something because you love it? Do you not feel talented enough? Capable enough? Because you are. You’re the woman in charge of yourself. Do not believe what others like to think they know about you. Without you, you can’t do any of it. Working with the girls and reading the book made me realize that, in fact, the first chapter asks you to list what you like about yourself, what you can offer to the world. I loved that because it develops you as a person as well.

I stopped hiding behind insecurities and started believing I was good enough. It’s not something that just goes away, I fight it daily, but by believing in yourself nothing can stop you on your way to the top.

Are you ready to take the risk?

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  • Kara

    I really want to get this book! I want to start thinking about my brand more, and build a business from blogging and writing because I know I’m bloody good at it and I love it! I’m waiting to see if this turns up in my birthday gifts, but if not I’ll one hundred per cent be placing an order.