6 Life-Changing Books That Will Stay With You Forever


We all need a little help every now and again. Self-help books can teach us everything from how to create new habits to how to de-clutter our bedrooms. If you’ve got big plans for next year and need help executing them, these are the books you need.

Take these books with you and make this year your year of success! These are our favorite self-help books of the moment.


1. To Figure Out What You Want

Need to figure out what your purpose is in life? This book by life coach Shannah Kennedy is a step-by-step strategy to help you identify your true self. It’s a workbook that includes questionnaires, charts, and exercises, and once complete will make up a record of your goals and dreams for the Available here.



2. To Get The Perfect Work/Life Balancework_smarter_live_better_book_hero

You don’t learn how to work at school, you learn how to study and how to achieve. But there are simpler ways to do things that won’t impact your life. If you’ve been feeling stressed, worried that you aren’t spending enough quality time with family and friends or just working way too hard. This book will fix your life. Available here.


3. To De-clutter Your Whole House



Imagine living in a house that’s free from clutter. It’s something that we all dream of, which is why Marie Kondo’s book was such a hit. If you’ve been dreaming of a stress-free home but can’t find the time, this 10-minute declutter challenge system will work for you!

This book will teach you how to organize every space in your house, the 8 steps to stop cluttering and how to make money from your clutter. It’s the perfect book for a new year if clutter is your bad habit! Available here.


4. To Achieve All Your Goals



From weight loss to organization, we all have new year’s resolutions that we wish we could stick to. This book will help you change the habits you’ve been trying to for years, with research, storytelling and a personality quiz, you’ll finish this book feeling inspired to stick to your resolutions. Available here.


5. To Stress Less



If 2017 is the year of calm for you, then you need this book. This is the 21st-century guide to meditation. If you want to be healthy and mindful, this book will help you master the habits and demands of a busy life. The book contains neurological research, wisdom, real-life experiences and beautiful artwork to inspire and relax you. The journal is full of instructions and tips to help you feel serene. Available here.


6. To Be Healthier Faster



If you don’t have time for your dream life (an hour of yoga every day?) but you want to be healthy and mindful, this book will help you out. These 108 simple techniques will help to combat all the symptoms of a Career Girl’s life. All of those problems from stress, burnouts, frustration, jealousy and resentment. Available here.


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  • Mila S

    I have “Calm” and also as an app on my phone! Definitely suggest to anyone who can’t fall asleep fast!💤☁️

    x Mila
    👉🏼✨ http://www.topknotkindaday.com ✨

  • Aleksandra Fedchenko-Khomenok

    Thanks for these books!They are really great! I have published my first book last year so now I really need a book about calm to read) I wish everyone to enjoy reading and Happy Holidays!


  • Dana Andersen

    I loved ‘calm’ but haven’t heard of any others on this list. They all look interesting and helpful though, I’ll be looking into them for sure!


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