Inspiring Lessons From The Amazing Doctor Emily Wise

emily-manifesto-530You may not have heard of her, but Doctor Emily Wise is a truly inspirational woman. Emily is a Cambridge University Graduate who has specialised in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine. Emily has taken time out of her career to work overseas for the well known charity Médecins Sans Frontières. There are some seriously inspiring lessons to be learned from Emily.

#1 She believes in her work

Emily is without doubt fully committed to her work. Medicine is not just a job to her, it is a vocation. She is extremely passionate about helping the most needy and vulnerable. Her work for has seen her work in some exceptionally remote places. She is unafraid of the challenge and aims to do all she can to help others.

#2 She is principled

Although medicine can be a very lucrative profession. That is not what has attracted Emily to the job. She believes that Doctors have a global responsibility for health. Her attitude is refreshing.  Her commitment to her principles is incredible.

#3 She is not afraid to speak out about what she believes in

Emily documented her time overseas by writing about her experiences. Working in harrowing conditions where people do not have access to basic care had a huge impact upon her. Following her return from Uzbekistan Emily made it her mission to publicise the fight against Tuberculosis.

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Her motivation and determination are truly admirable. She is fiercely passionate about what she believes in. Emily is not afraid to stand up for her beliefs. She has potentially placed her own well-being at risk by venturing to remote areas to help the most vulnerable and needy. She is a worthy role model for career women everywhere. We can learn so much from other women if you need more life lessons check out Danielle Ryan or Lisa Eldridge.

By Catherine Murphy