Inspiring Lessons From Aussie Actress Rose Byrne

rose-byrne-max-mara-photos5Rose Byrne, the beautiful Australian actress, is possibly best known for her role in the hit comedy Bridesmaids. She has also starred in the gripping legal drama Damages and has even featured in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Rose has worked hard to reach her level of success. There are some truly inspiring lessons that we can all learn from her!

#1 It’s not always about your family

We often see family connections in the acting world, but Rose’s parents had regular jobs, her mother was a school administrator and her father a market researcher. Despite this, Rose has become super successful. Her commitment and passion for acting ensured she did not need connections to get ahead.

#2 Follow your passions

Rose took her first acting class at eight years of age. She undertook her first formal role at aged thirteen. This was further complimented with formal acting studies. Clearly Rose was dedicated to her goals from early on, and didn’t ever talk herself out of her passion.

#3 Stay humble

Despite worldwide fame, Rose is refreshingly down to earth. She has been awarded ‘Best Actress’ at the Venice Film Festival and has been nominated for an Emmy for her role in Damages. Regardless of this massive success she is very human and relatable. Rose has indicated at interviews that she is insecure about her acting ability. This honesty is so refreshing!

#4 Be charitable

When you take a look at her acting resume, Rose is a busy lady. She appears to be constantly working and embarking on new challenges. Despite being super busy and famous, she is interested in working with meaningful organisations. Rose has represented  UNICEF and the National Institute of Dramatic Art, which proves we can always give a little something back to the community and causes that inspire us.

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  • camille

    Great post

  • ailyn

    but having supportive parents helps, we aren’t all Drew Barrymore you know

  • Carina

    Rose is such a beautiful person! Inside and out!

    x Carina
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