5 Tips On Having It All From Olympic Medalist Serena Williams

Ranked the #1 tennis player, winning over 20 Grand Slams and several Olympic gold medals, Serena Williams is an inspiration for much more than just her sporting endeavours. Branded as one of the ’50 Most Inspiring African-Americans’ by Essence magazine and being selected as one of People magazine’s ’25 Most Intriguing People’, there is more than meets the eye to this sporting hero. Juggling it all with being the owner of “Aneres” clothing line, Williams is a woman of many achievements with plenty that any career girl can learn from.

Discipline starts early

Growing up in Crompton, Williams was exposed to a world of brutal possibilities with the high rate of gang activity surrounding her. From the age of 3 she was exposed to rigorous two-hour daily tennis practices, learning discipline from the moment she could walk. While it sounds tough, her determined attitude and go-getter approach to just about everything in life is a credit to all that she has accomplished and shows how discipline early in life can lead you to great things later on. What you may not enjoy at the time is bound to help you later in life, all you have to do is look at the bigger picture.

You don’t have to choose just one path

Who would have thought an Olympic champion could also be a champion of the fashion world? Williams is far from just a star on the court and is the perfect example of throwing yourself into every aspect of life. Creating a clothing line for everyday wear, she teaches us that you don’t need to just have one passion. Having one thing you’re amazing at doesn’t mean that you just have to stop there. Be good at as many things as you can, and make sure you put 100% of yourself into all of them.

You can always bounce back

With a number of health scares, from the discovery of a blood clot in her lungs to the aches and pains that being a successful athlete creates she was determined to never let it get the better of her. Taking each obstacle in her stride, Williams shows that there is nothing in life that you cannot overcome. The road to success isn’t always an easy one, but with the right amount of willpower you can get through, and even come back for another gold medal (or you know, another low-key achievement that the rest of us can manage).

Competition and support go hand-in-hand

Growing up with a sister as competition is far from easy, but the Williams sisters show the world how it’s done. Often finding themselves opposite each other in the court, and having their titles racked up against each other, the sisters show the world how to overcome that familiar family rivalry. Support is key to anyone’s success, and the Williams sisters show how close to home the pick up you need can be. Look to those around you to be both your support system, and offer the challenge you need and a great line of success is likely to follow.

Success can just keep on coming

Just when you think Serena can’t get any better, she always comes back for more. Battered and bruised by the court, she never lets it keep her from adding to her lists of successes. In life, there are times when we feel that we have given all that we can give, but Williams teaches us that we shouldn’t be defeated. Accomplishing success isn’t a reason to stop, there’s always more that you can go out and achieve.

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