Inspiring Life Lessons From Stella McCartney


Let me introduce you to this extremely talented and inspiring lady. Stella Nina McCartney is an English fashion designer, she has won three British Fashion Awards and an OBE. Her career started when she was appointed Creative Director of Chloé in March 1997. Then in 2001 Stella launched her own fashion line under her own name and showed her first collection in Paris. Her collection was distributed in over 50 countries through 600 department stores! There’s so much to learn from this lady, so here are a few life lessons from her success!

#1 Ignore the haters

When Stella started to work for Chloe she was critiqued by big fashion influencers like Karl Lagerfeld who said, “Chloé should have taken a big name. They did – but in music, not fashion. Let’s hope she’s as gifted as her father.” Referring to Stella’s father former Beatles member Paul McCartney. Well, Karl what you saying now? Stella has her own fashion line, perfume, kids line, skincare and lingerie line, which are all working out great. Nobody can bring you down when you believe in yourself and work hard. In the end, your haters are also only human, they make mistakes and one of them may be to underestimate you. Always remember you are the only person that knows how good you are. Don’t let anyone else judge you.

#2 Stand by your values

In an industry built on leather, fur and animal glues, Stella stayed true to her values and does not use leather, fur or glues from animal fats. She is committed to creating eco-friendly, sustainable fashion, and she’s even looking into the ethical production of wool and silk. Go, girl!

#3 Everyone can make a difference

Stella believes that even doing the smallest amount of work towards making a difference is better than nothing, she knew she had to sort out her own dreams instead of falling back on her parents, but she also knows that she has to work hard to make a difference to causes that concern her which is why she works with lots of charities “Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every little bit really does count.”

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