Inspiring Life Lessons From Actress Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is an American actress bursting with talent and wisdom. She is an inspiration for all career girls. She has become successful in a tough industry; working in the film/television field is something that is tough to break into, but tougher to succeed in. She has not only been successful in her work life, but she has continued to inspire people with things she’s said and in the way that she has stayed true to herself and her opinions.

If you’re not familiar with her work, or the name hasn’t stuck, she starred in the film Bring It On in addition to starring in the television show City of Angels. Below are three inspiring lessons that we can learn from the extraordinary Gabrielle Union. Read on with an open mind and see what you can take away from the success and personality of Gabrielle.

It’s okay to be selective about who is involved in your life.

Gabrielle knows this, and is proud of this fact, more than most celebrities. Sometimes, even if we know we should, it is difficult to cut toxic or harmful people out of our lives. Gabrielle isn’t ashamed to pick and choose who she involves in her world; she once said, “If someone lacks decency or respect, I don’t allow that person to stay in my world,” explaining the simple fact that being selective in the people who are close to you ends up benefitting you in the end.

If you don’t truly enjoy something, you shouldn’t do it.

Working in a field or career that you don’t love is a surefire way to squash your happiness. Gabrielle knows that the best reason to do something is because you enjoy it, “I’m just riding this train as long as I can. As long as I’m having fun, I’ll do it. When it stops being fun, I’ll try something else,” and all of us career girls need to know that. If we don’t enjoy the thing that we are doing, we have to make a change before we resent it and become burnt out.

Staying true to who you are and working hard are key to happiness and success.

Being your most authentic, open self, allows you to make stronger connections with others in addition to being someone that people will want to be near and work with. Staying true to what you believe in and who you are is important in seeking out happiness and success, at work and at home. Hard work is a given; you have to put in what you want to get out. If you work hard and push yourself to be amazing, that’s what is going to happen!

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