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5 Crucial Life Lessons Rihanna Has Taught Us


Photo: Rihanna for Rolling Stone by Terry Richardson

Rihanna: The name conjures up positivity, confidence, and all-around-girl-power inspiration. A pop superstar whose music is known and loved by millions around the world, Rihanna certainly knows a lot about success. This girl is chock-full of inspirational life lessons that all of us career girls can use. Read on to discover 5 essential lessons Rihanna can teach you about success and humility, kindness and power, and how dreams can come true with hard work.

Confidence is everything! Rihanna exhibits extreme confidence in every way. She is proud of her achievements; she believes in how beautiful she is. She also serves as a symbol for women, teaching them how to be confident and proud of who they are. However, she stays relatively humble and knows that you need to be thankful, both for your beginnings and the people who help you along the way.

Hard work is necessary, and it pays off. Rihanna’s philosophy? Work hard to achieve goals, and then enjoy the results. Basically, you get what you put in. If you want to be a fashion designer, you have to practice and work at it, and seek out good opportunities of yourself. Rihanna worked for years to become successful and has always loved singing.

Let your passions and dreams guide the way. Trying to force yourself into a career, look, or anything else that isn’t truly you is something that Rihanna is firmly against. You won’t be happy, and then you won’t be confident, and you will never achieve the success you truly want and deserve. Passion is essential, and letting that guide the way into opportunities and in life is the best way to find happiness and success. Her passion for singing has opened doors and paved the way to the life she has now.

There will be hard times, but you come through it and they will end. Rihanna has undergone some very difficult obstacles and situations, but she came out stronger in the end. She should serve as an inspiration for women, especially women who are facing difficult situations requiring extra strength. You will come out stronger, and you will make it through the dark times.

Be your most authentic self – be you! Rihanna exhibits this lesson in every way. She sings the music that she wants; she dresses and lives in a way that is unique to her personality. She once said: “I’m crazy, and I don’t pretend to be anything else!” which perfectly illustrates her individuality. All of us should embody this concept and be our truest selves.

All of these lessons from Rihanna teach one big idea: be who you are, be proud, and believe. It’s common to think that stars like Miley Cyrus or Rihanna can’t teach us anything, but women should empower each other, even if you don’t agree with their attitude or lessons, you should still be able to see their hard work and success as a good thing.

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  • camille

    This woman is so inspiring

    • Kaitlin Marks

      Hi, Camille :) She definitely is! I was so excited to write this article because, honestly, who doesn’t love Rihanna? She embodies the phrase ‘girl power’, and I’m happy you enjoyed the article!

  • Selene

    I love Rihanna, I’ve always find her so inspirational!

    • Kaitlin Marks

      Hello, Selene! Your name is so beautiful! I love Rihanna too and find her inspirational lessons to be really valuable. Thank you for reading; glad you enjoyed it!

  • Ana

    I love Rihanna and I agree 100% on what you’ve said. We all have different opinions, style in how we live, how we dress, etc. but that shouldn’t stop us from empowering each other. We have something special that’s worth sharing, and we can learn so much throguh the process :-)