6 Podcasts To Listen To If You Need An Inspiration Boost


Right now, we’re in the golden age of podcasting. There are such a huge number of podcasts from true crime to comedy, that you’re spoilt for choice. Sometimes, what you want is something a little bit different to listen to during your commute, and if you’re trying to get inspired or learn new things for 2019, a podcast would be the best resource to rely on.

I always make a list of podcasts to listen to when I’m planning out my day. I like to make notes on things that stick with me or strike a flash of inspiration as I commute into work (which usually takes around two hours), so I have plenty of time to list five to ten podcasts I’ve wanted to listen to for ages and then make any relevant notes in my Getting Stuff Done planner in the personal notes section. It might be a bit extra, but I love to collect information like this, it helps me to stay fresh and inspired and gives me something to talk about at all the holiday parties we’ve got coming up. So, if you’re ready plug in your headphones and get ready to learn something new – you’ve got this.


This political history podcast has a serious edge, it takes well-known events in history and compares them to things that are happening right now. Season One is all about Watergate and the downfall of Richard Nixon, while Season Two is all about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. This is addictive because it examines history and well know events and explores things that you probably never knew about them, while drawing comparisons with today’s society. It’s gripping, informative, and addictive. And will help you gain some political knowledge. Listen here.


Jonathan Van Ness has quite a following thanks to the Queer Eye reboot. His delightfully optimistic personality has a podcast all of its own. It’s been running since 2015, and basically, in each episode Jonathan speaks to experts to satisfy his own curiosities about the world. Frank, funny, endearing, and eye-opening, each episode will teach you something you didn’t know before. Listen here.


With all the buzz about true crime thanks to podcasts like Serial and shows like Making a Murderer, this podcast is actually a refreshing breath of air. Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff mostly deal with female victims, but combine true crime obsession with humor in a seriously refreshing way. You need to listen to this if you’re getting a bit sick of every other true crime documentary. Listen here.


Bridget Todd and Anney Rees host this podcast that basically does what it says on the tin. Things you never learned, they research the challenges women face today and come up with solutions for every problem you might possibly face and all the things you wanted to know but never learned from your mom. Previous topics include the roles of prostitutes in wartime, why women are more likely to be anxious, and a history of women in coding. Listen here.


Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman are best friends. They live pretty damn far, so the whole premise of this podcast is that they call each other and discuss everything from pop culture to politics and everything in between. The intimate nature of the calls, and hilarious topics has people listening from all over the world as they put the word to rights. Listen here.


Emma Gannon is on a mission to create an inspiring zone for women. With women from Lena Dunham to Elizabeth Gilbert, Emma talks to her guests about their relationship with the internet. She takes inspirational women and asks them questions about the internet. It’ll definitely give you pause for thought, and inspire you – for sure. Listen here.


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