How She Did It: The Inspiring Story Of Singer Ellie Goulding


Five years ago, the BBC named her the ‘Sound Of 2010’, and since that moment she’s scored big hits like ‘Burn’, ‘How Long Will I Love You’ and ‘Love Me Like You Do’. Ellie Goulding is not only a great singer, but also a very inspiring woman! Here are some little known facts about the songstress!


Ellie has always had a love for music. Most girls play with their dolls, but Ellie started early on with clarinet lessons at age 9, and turned out to be super talented. At age 14 she taught herself how to play the guitar, just to impress a boy she liked! The feelings for the boy faded, but not her love for music! You’d think that would be enough for a girl who wanted to be a singer, but Ellie thought differently.

She kept learning different instruments and taught herself how to play keyboard, drums, bass and mandoline. Pretty cool! It probably wouldn’t surprise you that she won her schools singing competition with a self-written song when she was just 15 years old! She walks that extra mile. Not to get ahead of others, but because she likes to challenge herself. Besides, learning something new is fun!

If you’ve ever checked Ellie’s Instagram, you know she loves to work out. She aims to run 6 miles every day, and also kicks ass in kickboxing classes! Her boxing teacher even wanted her to fight professionally, but Ellie chooses to train on a professional level – just as a hobby. Now you know how she rocks those crop tops! And if she could…she would help us too! Ellie said that she’d love to be a personal trainer, but she doesn’t have the time for it. She would sure make an awesome gym-buddy! Can you imagine she once was insecure about her body? 

The reason she looks so great, is not only doing what she loves, and working out regularly…but Ellie says she owes her glowing skin and bright eyes to a strictly vegetarian diet, she started two years ago! Ellie shows it’s never too late to adapt new habits, or learn something new.

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