Power Tips From Actress And Comedian Tina Fey

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Actress, comedian, writer and producer, Tina Fey is the perfect example of breaking the stereotypes and showing all that a woman can be. While she boasts great success, and seems to have it all, it wasn’t always that way for the now adored American star.

With a success story that’s both relatable and comforting for those of us that aren’t natural born stars, you’ll probably want to know how this wonderful woman did it…

The teenage years

When asked about her early life Fey recalls “a dorky adolescence filled with unplucked eyebrows and perms”, we’ve all been there! But determined not to let this hold her back, she held her head high as a self-proclaimed supernerd, and took to fulfilling her passion through studying drama at university.

With awkward teenage years shaping her, what she didn’t realise at the time was that this would be one of the reasons that she was able to become so successful. Thankfully there’s hope for us that there’s a positive to that uncomfortable teenage struggle!

The makeover

Showing that looks do not equate to talent, Fey became the first female writer in SNL history after moving to Chicago to pursue her career in comedy. But with the cruel nature of the entertainment world, her looks were jeopardising her work, and a casting was looking unlikely with her current appearance.

It was during her time on Saturday Night Live that Fey took to the world of dieting, and with a transformation of her image she was able to finally start making a name for herself. It’s unfortunate that she had to change herself to get ahead but once she felt more confident she took to the spotlight with great ease.

Staying grounded

With more fame came more opportunities, and the importance for Fey to remain true to herself was more apparent than ever. Keeping her humor as present as ever, and establishing a grounded personality, she was able to capitalise success, all while remaining the true Tina Fey.

Going on to write Mean Girls, the chick flick that every girl can relate to, Fey not only managed to keep her quirky personality, but use it within her work to create content that every girl can empathise with.

Success under her belt

With no end to the awards congratulating Fey on her success in the world of comedy, she’s no stranger to a lifetime of achievements. But her success is much more than the pieces of metal displayed in a cabinet; she’s a true inspiration for showing that anyone can have it all.

In a shallow society where success for Fey was based on her appearance, she’s contributed to a shift where women can be whatever they want to be, regardless of what they look like.

Remaining the geeky girl throughout it all, Tina Fey did it all as herself, and just like she expressed in Mean Girls, the popular girls don’t always have to be the ones to have it all.

  • Camille Beygui

    I love her ! She is so funny



  • Lauren

    I love her! I remember her in Mean Girls and she was so good x


  • Charlotte Everaert

    Great story! Love her work.

    xo Charlotte – aliceroxy

  • Aimee

    Not sure “changing yourself to get ahead” is really an inspiring tip…