INSPIRING! Watch What Happens When These People Act Their Age

Too often we’re told to act our age, it’s easy to be brought down by expectations and trying to act mature, so it’s nice to see a lighthearted take on age every once in a while. This video from Kiehl’s aims to challenge the way we see our age and show that we can all have a little fun, no matter how old we are!

Photo from Lecylau

Kiehl’s decided to approach their branding differently, rather than promoting anti-aging and age-defying products, they’ve chosen to prove that age is just a number and that it’s not how good you look, it’s how good you feel! Check out this inspiring video below:

We think this is an amazing way to promote positivity and makes us feel all energetic and a little more optimistic about growing older! How did you respond to this awesome advert?

Featured photo: Pinterest

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