Instagram’s Favorite Weight Loss Trend Has Some Disturbing Side Effects




Chances are most of us have purchased detox tea at some point or another. I have, Celina has too, and we both complained that it didn’t work and actually made us feel awful. If you want to be trapped on the toilet with a stomach ache, maybe it’s great, but after a few days we gave up with ours.

The one I tried had two different teas, a daytime tea, and a nighttime senna tea. A natural laxative that’s “proven to help you lose weight”. I wouldn’t normally have even picked the tea up, but I saw testimonials on Instagram that told me to give it a try. When trusted figures post photos of themselves with a product you expect it to be harmless, right?

The senna tea didn’t taste particularly nice, but I only tried it once because the weird stomach pains I had straight after alerted me that something was not quite right.

Turns out that prolonged usage of the herbal laxative can cause extreme dehydration and colon, liver and heart damage. Prolonged usage in this instance means longer than two weeks, while the most popular detox teas are designed to be taken for 28 days. Now a doctor has weighed in, Dr Lauretta Ihonor says that’s three weeks longer than is safe to take them! She also highlights the fact that it is not safe to use senna for more than a week without medical supervision, and that they interfere with contraception – meaning your birth control will be ineffective!

Which just goes to show what we have risked in the pursuit of ‘weight loss’, mistreating our bodies is no joke. Love them, don’t punish them!

She has created a petition to remove the laxative ‘senna’ from detox tea products. I think that detoxing can be good. For example, detox all that soda out of your system and drink lemon or cucumber water. Stick to what you know, and natural ingredients if you’re trying to be cleaner, eat cleaner and drink cleaner!

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  • Mai

    My mom used to drink these teas a lot when she was younger and eventually she got kidney stones because of dehydration. So be careful.

  • Camille Beygui

    Great post ! Thanks for sharing

  • Prerna Bhatt

    And there are so many celebrities with a huge following out there promoting these ‘detox teas’. This was such an eye opener! Popular celebs are probably just blindly promoting these products for money. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  • Lauretta

    Thanks for highlighting this important issue CGD! Really appreciate the support! For all your readers who agree that there’s absolutely no need for dangerous laxatives in a health product, please show your support by signing the petition xx Dr Lauretta

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