What If We Tell You That The Future Is Actually In Our Hands

Do you ever wonder what the future holds? In this inspiring and eye-opening TED talk, Angela Oguntala tells us that the future is in our hands.

She talks about how we possess both hope and fear, yet we often forget that we also have the power to influence the future.

The futurist and designer with mesmerizing hair proves that we can choose the future we want to work towards. Nothing is written in stone. Reconsider your vision of the future. Take a chance and you’ll be surprised.

Amen, Angela! After seeing this video I’ll have to make some serious changes in the way I think and experience life. Not everyone may be into technology, but you can apply this knowledge to any aspect of your life. From running your own business to deciding your bucket list!

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  • Lucie

    Thank you for this TED talk. Angela is really nice and convincing in what she says. I really like the thought, that nothing is written in the stone. :-)

    have a nice day xx


  • Jaye Rose

    Thank you for sharing! This was really useful and you were right about Angela’s gorgeous hair!

    Jaye – http://www.howtoalmostbeapornstar.com

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