The iPhone Accessories You Need Right Now

Everyone wants their phone to portray their personality in some way, whether it is with a fun phone case or a crazy new selfie tool. Since most of us are part of the Apple family, we’ve found the perfect accessories to compliment your primary gadget.


We love a phone case that is going to make a statement, so why not try one of these;


Casetify iPhone 6 Case $36


Brushwork iPhone 6 Case $36


Recover Mystic Copper Iphone Case

love-potion Love Potion Case


Scene Treasure Case 


Red Lips iPhone Case 


Moschino Pill Bottle Phone Case (Rihanna’s Favorite)


We’re constantly on our phones, so a portable charger is a must. But they don’t have to be boring and can even match your phone case!


Marble Portable Charger $24


Evil Eye iPhone Portable Power Charger


Bisous Portable iPhone Charger


Cora Portable Charger

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  1. I am so in need of a new case… mine is completely falling apart and is the first indicator that I have absolutely no style! Perhaps i should take more attention of your style based posts… LOVE the Mystic Copper iPhone case :) Perhaps it’ll be my first step in trying to convince people I have some style?

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