4 Next-Level Career Skills You Can Learn Online


I really believe that every skill you could ever need in your career, you can learn online. There’s a reason they call me the Google girl in the office. I even managed to find a passcode for a gate we needed to get into by using the power of the internet. Every skill I’ve needed so far, I’ve taught myself. I’ve used Skillshare for years to help me stay ahead in business and life. Is Skillshare worth it? Absolutely.

These past few weeks I’ve given myself a little challenge and I used Skillshare, an online learning community with classes on things like marketing, design, business, photography, and more, to learn something actually new for once.

Skillshare is usually $8.25 a month, but for a limited time, they’re giving CGD readers two FREE months of unlimited access to stream more than 17,000 online classes for a limited time only. Just click here to start your two free months. Here are a couple of the next-level skills I taught myself in two weeks.

#1 Productivity

I signed up for Skillshare CEO Michael Karnjanaprakorn’s class Real Productivity: Create Your Ideal Week because it seemed promising and had a lot of other students enrolled in it. The first thing I liked was the introduction, that usually hooks me into a class and I loved the music and layout of the video. The first words he says in the Key Points part of the video could have been describing me. I had multiple notebooks, multiple apps, I thought the more I had, the more productive I was being. But that clearly wasn’t working for me, I felt so chaotic and unlike myself, unorganized and not streamlined.

Michael is not messing around, he even walks you through his favorite apps and how he builds his calendar. It really inspired me to go out and buy an A4 pad, four pastel highlighters, post-its, page tabs, and start creating a system so I can free up some brain space and feel on top of everything again. I now have my three weekly priorities, three daily priorities and three weekly wins ready every time I open my notebook.

2. Creating an action plan

The next class I signed up for was Creating An Action Plan with Design Thinking by Sarah Prevette. I just chose it because I was intrigued by the about section. I wanted to improve my creative brain and do some self-development to be better at work, so I signed up. The first thing I loved about it was that it asks you to dig deep in order to become a better leader. Sarah talks about how she became an executive in her early twenties and shudders at the thought of the way she used to interact with others. I found myself nodding along. My insecurities might impact the way people perceive me, and I don’t want that to happen.

What I loved about Sarah’s class was the worksheets. The first one is all about who you are, the second one is all about your boss (or your co-workers or people you work with) and the third one is all about your goals. I printed mine out and had so much fun filling them in. I really felt so good about myself afterward as well, because Sarah’s class is all about changing the way you think to get ahead and create an action plan. Sometimes you need a massive dose of motivation and positivity, and this class gave me just that.

3. Modern Marketing

There was a point in time when I didn’t even really know what marketing was. I dipped into The Modern Marketing Workshop a while ago because it was one of the top-rated classes and I loved it. Seth Godin is one of the best teachers on Skillshare in my opinion. His classes are so engaging, and he just seems like such an expert – you want to be the teacher’s pet. I actually realized I had missed a massive opportunity at school and I should have studied business and marketing because of how much I enjoyed this class.

There are 24 PDFs to download while you work through it. So much thought goes into the class projects that you’ll really take your time working through each part. You’ll learn how to spot opportunities and market just about anything to the right people, which is an invaluable skill no matter what you’re doing.

4. How to share ideas that inspire action

Have you ever watched Simon Sinek’s Ted talk about how great leaders inspire action? I watched it when it was doing the rounds on Facebook, and I decided I would follow him literally anywhere, he’s a genius. So when I found out he had a class on Skillshare, I couldn’t wait to sign up. Especially because he promises to teach you how to share ideas that inspire action.

In our office, we’ve started giving weekly presentations and it’s become just a little bit competitive. Simon shares the formula to delivering presentations that inspire, and I was doing a lot of fake presentations in my room while I watched. I absolutely loved creating storytelling with my talk and I know I have a competitive edge over the girls now. I used to be so nervous at speaking in front of others, but because of the Career Girl Academy, it’s something I do regularly. Now I know I’m giving an inspiring talk as well as one that’s delivered well. Anyone who has to present in front of others or wants to share ideas that inspire action needs to sign up to this one – it’s magic!

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