What Japanese Girls Can Teach Us About Having Better Skin

photo: song of style


Thanks to the internet, we can connect with other cultures in a few clicks. Without it, we wouldn’t know about the beauty hub that is South Korea, for example. A few weeks ago I learned a bit more about the island of Okinawa at a beauty event. It’s somewhere that I’ve always wanted to go, and learning more about the beautiful landscape and the routines of the people who live there really intrigued me, so I decided to delve in and see what Japan and Okinawa could teach me about having great skin and living long!


One of the things I learned was that it’s not about ‘good genes’ it’s more about how you take care of yourself. Okinawa is an island where plants grow in harsh climates because the mineral content in the soil is high. Women live to be one hundred there more than any other area – thanks in part to their ‘long life herb’ that has a higher mineral content than kale and spinach. BareMinerals harvested this herb in their new SkinLongevity Vital Power Infusion. Eating a handful is said to extend your life by one day, so slathering it on your skin can’t be bad for you either.


In Japan, cleansing is so important it’s done more than twice a day. Many women cleanse their skin with gentle but effective cleansers a few times a day to clean pores and remove the damage of pollution and environmental dirt. Kanebo Suisa Beauty Clear Powder Capsules are pretty cool looking and perfect for daily cleansing, too. They have hyaluronic acid for hydration and contain tofu extract and royal jelly for brightening and exfoliating skin!


Okay, we’re not saying that you get wrinkles in your early twenties, but caring for your skin and preventing the effects of aging is important all over the world. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence contains a powerful anti-aging ingredient and is light enough to be massaged into your skin. Another important part of Japanese skin care is the face massage, which if done right can prevent those wrinkles and improve your skin’s glow by improving circulation.


In Japan, bathing is a ritual not just for stress-release but also for getting that perfect skin. Bathtime usually starts with exfoliating before you step into a hot bath filled with oils or herb essences and green tea. Elemis Japanese Camellia Body Oil is perfect for recreating that natural bathing ritual and giving your skin a nourished, supple, glow.

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